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Ms treatments for those who must learn to deal with the fact that they have been diagnosed with the incurable disease of multiple sclerosis , the future may seem bleak. While at present there is no known cure for MS is not constant research is underway to find a new effective treatment for multiple sclerosis that will help keep the symptoms in remission for more patients. In January 2010, the FDA approved a new drug for the treatment of ms treatments.

Finally, a new treatment for multiple sclerosis

On January 23, the FDA approved the drug fampridine SR as a new treatment for multiple sclerosis . After 10 years of research and study at the University of Rochester Medical Center , discovered this new drug to improve reality of lost neurological feelings in many patients with ms treatments MS. Were these good results led the FDA to approve this new drug permanently for use by the general public.

According to Dr. Andrew Goodman, director of the URMC MS Center , physicians finally have access to a drug when used in combination with other therapeutic treatments that can help improve mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis plates.  He praised ms treatments the development and approval of the drug as a "good day for people with MS. " He went on to say that can help many to regain some of the independence they once enjoyed .

How does this new treatment for MS?

As most of us know MS is a disease of the central nervous system that causes a variety of ms treatmentssymptoms , including muscle spasticity and paralysis , and the lack of balance and coordination. It can also cause loss of vision , slurred speech , to name a few symptoms . These symptoms are the direct result of the body 's own immune system attacks the myelin sheath that surrounds the brain and spinal cord .

It is believed that the use of fampridine SR to actually improve the signal transmission in the nervous system of patients previously affected by MS . This new treatment of multiple blocks of potassium ion channels in multiple sclerosis nerve cells , and therefore to restore the signal ms treatments levels of control from one cell to another . Tests to 35% of patients experienced an increase of at least 25 % of the speed. They also realized that they could walk more and could stand for much longer periods of time.

As with several new results for the treatment of multiple sclerosis vary from one patient to another. The only real side effect that has been seen ms treatments a slight increase in the risk of seizures . However, during the ten years of clinical trials, the number of incidents was relatively low when the drug is administered in the recommended doses.

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