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What research supports healthy nutrients early mental health?

Free psychiatric help ?in the early '50s Abram Hoffer , MD, with a doctorate in biochemistry double-blind studies for the treatment of schizophrenia. Hoffer led a research team of 30 in four psychiatric hospitals and three psychiatric units in Saskatchewan, Canada. Eight double- blind left this extensive research has shown that certain B vitamins , especially niacin , B3 could help schizophrenia. Forty years of research can be found in on orthomolecular medicine to treat mental disorders and physical illnesses.

The symptoms of schizophrenia such as paranoia and other serious symptoms were reversed in 80 % of cases within two years if the patient began treatment B3 (niacin ) . Along the way,free psychiatric help other natural body protocols have been studied by medical scientists and added to the benefit . These treatments are inexpensive and effective , and can be added to the drug with better results .

Doses of dietary supplements and tolerance depends on the needs of each individual and can often change over time . ( Niacin can cause a shock to the body, but not free psychiatric help dangerous. Formulas are not integrable . ) The symptoms of bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety can be reduced.
Free psychiatric help
Orthomolecular medicine is used for mental health?
Free psychiatric help
Orthomolecular medicine , a term coined by Linus Pauling , double Nobel laureate is a treatment by optimizing health and treating disease by providing adequate amounts of vitamins free psychiatric help, minerals, amino acids, enzymes , essential fatty acids and other substances which are essential for natural and human body.
Free psychiatric help
Your body thrives on your food intake - nutrients. It is a steel plate by cutting the body of the brain . The brain is 60 % fat and the quality is fat, vitamins and minerals to grow. These eating fried foods like French fries need information on healthy eating . Rancid fats are free psychiatric help housed in our bodies in places where healthy fats should be to nourish the body - especially the brain .
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Why you did not know about mental health and nutrition ?

Vitamins, minerals and other natural substances can not be patented. No sales people door to door vitamins doctors with free samples. In addition , nutrition is at the bottom of the list of topics in medical schools . However,free psychiatric help orthomolecular psychiatrists and free psychiatric help other health professionals check for many nutrient deficiencies as possible causes of mental disorders. Much information about the benefits of nutrition.

What physical problems can affect mental health?

High or low to peak cause mental symptoms blood sugar.
Vitamin B12 deficiency causes confusion , fatigue, weakness and severe mental symptoms.
Anemia ( iron deficiency) is sometimes confused with dementia.
Low thyroid proved common for patients with  free psychiatric help schizophrenia.
Low levels of vitamin D stores are directly related to depression.
People with mental illness often have allergies or digestive problems .
Some fear that the vitamins in high doses are not "safe" . See his testimony before the Government of Canada , the Standing Committee on Health , regarding the safety of supplement products ( Ottawa, 12 May 2005). Ignorance abounds on the subject of vitamins.
Free psychiatric help
Our society needs to restore lost people suffering episodes of mental health problems spirits. Those lucky enough to heal with an free psychiatric help orthomolecular treatment can become productive members of society. They can enjoy life and contribute.

Put an end to the dark era of treatment for people with mental illness . Contact the International Foundation of schizophrenia and the Journal of OrthomolecularMedicine recovery and help desperate to enter the light free psychiatric help.