Find Out Filipino Festivals Celebrated By Filipinos Worldwide

By Annielyn Summers

What Filipino Competitions are celebrated by Filipinos earthwide? There are a lot of folks who would like to know the answer to this question because most Competitions in the Philippines are colorful, fun, and enjoyable. There are a lot of festivities in the Philippines every month but there are some that is not celebrated globewide. One example of a Festival that is celebrated globewide is the Holy Week. Filipinos are mostly anticipated to do "Bisita Iglesia" the place people visits 9 church buildings in their place as a sign of their thanksgiving for the sacrifice of Christ Christ when He was crucified on the cross. Filipinos also do "via crusis" in which they do pray on each 14 stations of the cross to symbolize their appreciation and love for Jesus.

Christmas is one more enjoyable and most awaited Pageant that is celebrated by many Filipinos all over the earth. Even if some are working abroad, they would not forget to spend the Christmas season because this is the most-awaited Festivals of all. Filipinos are expected to put together for this celebration as early as the month of September. Filipinos are excellent when it comes to making Christmas lanterns, goodies, and Christmas trees. Many of the Filipinos believe that these lanters symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, and so these are hanged inside or outdoors their homes. During Christmas eve, individuals are expected to eat their "noche buena". following eating, there can be parties here and there,and there may be firecrackers all over the metropolitan areas.

It is fun to celebrate festivals with the Filipinos especially if you are in the Philippines. It is colorful, attractive, and unique. Filipinos are warm and friendly in nature, and so it is expected that just about everyone will enjoy with them in any kind of occasion there is. It may be a holy occasion or a festival that is full of tunes, dances, and arts.

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