Feather The Nest, Conserve, Discover Belt Tightening Checks

By Paul Butler

Check if you're online and if not shut off your computer and set aside for later use some cash. Leaving an unused PCs on overnight leads to squandering energy just by being forgetful. For every PC that is not turned off at night, $26 a year could be saved as well as the carbon emissions spent producing that extra energy.

Stash cash by consuming lesser amounts of red meat. Chowing down on too much red meat may not be healthy in the long run according to a study by the National Cancer Institute. People feeding more on on red meat regularly have a 31% to 36% higher risk of dying from cancer compared with those who eat less red meat. Also frequent red meat eaters are 20% more likely to perish from heart problems.

Avoid purchasing water that is in a bottle. Tap water is healthier for you. Read what a recent University of Iowa study concluded: "Researchers found 38 impurities in the 10 brands of bottled water they analyzed. This included disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, traces of pain medication, solvents, and chemicals used in the plastics industry, bacteria, and radioactive strontium. Across the 10 brands, the researchers found an average of 8 pollutants in each."

Did you know that banks mark up the price of checks you purchase from them? By ordering from the Internet, you save about fifty percent. Also you even get a larger selection to choose from when you order checks online.

Purchasing or doing your comparison shopping online when it saves you money. Make use of CraigsList, Amazon before you order or when you shop. Compare prices and look for deals and take advantage of free shipping offers. Shopping search engines checks stores all over the web to find the best deal.

Save energy: you can turn your furnace down to save money while sleeping better in a cooler room. Undetectable heating wires and machine washability and dryability without the need to re-stretch to size make electric mattress pads easy to use.

Another way to scrimp is when you have to replenish the food supply. Make a list and don't go to the grocery store more than once a week. Don't waver from the items you wrote down on the list and don't spend more than you need. It helps to shop when you are not hungry and don't buy packaged cookies and treats. As an alternative, create your snacks from home.

Figure on using a crock pot and cook from scratch. Not only will you save money, but you will be eating healthier. Diners can always contain one element of the following evenings diner; it saves time and money.

So order cool checks and save. Instead of buying checks from your bank when you run low, order them online.

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