what is personal and professional development

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The development is the construction of the competence of a person in a way that allows them to improve their understanding to a point where you can change or control behavior. Remember the old saying "The more you know, the more you grow." It's an old adage is true. The opportunity to measure our growth is evidenced by the recognition of a new skill, behavior or idea. As a child, I remember how much I got when I realized that I could recite my ABCs, count to 10 and even jumping rope. Changing thoughts of an individual in one thing to learn. When we learned that we need to understand the links are produced. We all learn differently and the information should be organized so that everyone gets to their level. In our personal lives many races. We continue to learn about ourselves every day. As the days pass, the reflections of our past are visible quickly and suddenly, only to disappear as quickly as they came. We can remember that we learned before and understand the differences in what is taught today.

Reflection is a very important aspect of consciousness. We have to think about what happened earlier in our lives, to become aware of what is happening now. Learn how to handle situations, circumstances and problemswhat is personal and professional development  in our lives helps us to work and back. The main point to be conveyed is that learning takes place independently. We are still learning repeatedly negative because of our unconscious behavioral environments. There is some training that did not sign the informed consent, but the training and its effect seems to follow us wherever we go. Awareness is the key! We must be aware of the conditions, circumstances and situations that affect our lives in an effort to change things.what is personal and professional development Complacency is a major problem today. Being complacent is wanting to stay in our comfort zone. The comfort zone is the level of our experiences. We can learn from our comfort zone, we live constantly just what we already know.

what is personal and professional development Just outside our comfort zone requires a small level of risk. The danger is associated with fear. The fear of the unknown what is personal and professional development  or the uncertainty of what is personal and professional development the results is usually the reason why many people avoid taking risks. The growth and development takes place when we are willing to do something different and get out of our comfort zone.what is personal and professional development Once this decision is made, we will experience learning and strengthening our weaknesses, allowing us to go further in life. what is personal and professional developmentCloser to the personal and professional success, and closer to what we were created to achieve.