Dry Eyes And Treatments At Home

By Dr. Vincent Lam

Much of the population faces a common problem and that is chronic dry eyes. Up to 30% of people experience it and the public does not realize there are many options for treating the condition like over the counter artificial tears. Over the counter products can enhance tear production like warm compresses and in an intensive intervention, an optometrist can use punctual plugs that are designed to maintain the tear level and contact with the eyeball. There are medications that can used to reduce the inflammation and each person can be aware of environmental controls, there's no reason for a person to be uncomfortable anymore.

There are a considerable amount of contact lens clients struggling with dry eyes. Dryness in the eyes is a significant factor that individuals don't have a great response when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Mostly due to the fact that there is a great deal of care that is required to maintain the moisture in your own eyes in addition to the contact lenses themselves. Many people quit wearing contact lenses because they are uncomfortable, but they don't really have to since there are solutions to make them more comfortable.

Individuals typically make use of words like my eyes are burning, painful and tearing and it's not at all due to the strong relationship between signs that a individual encounters and the extent of the dry eye. There are approaches which make it possible for eye doctors to really gauge the osmolarity of the tear film which researchers have actually shown, directly relates to the seriousness of the damages. Your eye doctor can oversee the therapy progress as a function of transforming in value of the osmolarity with this brand new system.

When you begin an eye exam to assess the quality of the tear film and to examine the evaporation rate of the tear film, that's called tear breakup time. An optometrist inserts a specialized dye which allows them to really measure the length of time that the tears remain in contact with the eyeball. A quickly vaporizing tear film is going to expose the nerves which in turn will make the individual uneasy which will cause people to frequently complain and make mention to their eye doctor that their eyes are bothering them. The complaint will generally be that their eyes are tearing very often when in fact the problem is a lack of consistency and the ability of the tear to stay in contact with the eye. This results in a compensation of tear production to compensate for lack of moisture in the eye.

Factors like cold weather and allergies may play a large role in affecting the dry eye condition. Experiencing both allergies and dry eye at the same time, deferentially draw that and diagnosing can sometimes be challenging, but the sooner that can be done the sooner a person could be given a relief. Coming into to see your local optometrist and scheduling an eye exam will help eradicate any further damage to your eyes. Getting into the allergy season soon, its beautiful outside now and spring time is the classical time when people experience the most allergy symptoms. The antihistamine that most people are taking whether prescribed or not prescribed orally, have a secondary side effect of reducing tear production and can make the dry eye situation much worse, that's why its important to look for both sides of the spectrum.

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