Why Get Intimate With Your Subconscious?

Our perspectives determine our reality, how we feel about and respond to events and people. And the way we perceive our world is determined by what we believe about it and ourselves, both consciously and subconsciously, but a million times more so subconsciously.
The energy psychology expert Dr George Pratt says: 'One neuron fires per second at a conscious [nervous system] level, while 1 million neurons fire per second in the subconscious [nervous system].'
Therefore, the key to changing our lives is to change our perspectives, which would require changing what is held in the Subconscious as our truth. Only then, can we change the way we automatically, subconsciously respond to outer stimuli.
How do we do that? We become intimate with our subconscious!
Hypnotherapy and NLP are both methods which are widely used to install new beliefs in the subconscious. Though I believe these modalities certainly have their place, I have found them to be very ineffective in transforming old beliefs and patterns of behaviour, due to their lack of acknowledgement of what is in the subconscious to begin with. When I personally tried hypnotherapy and NLP, with both, my whole system, my subconscious perhaps, was resisting, saying, 'Go away, I won't let you manipulate me!' To me Love and Respect was missing, making intimacy with the subconscious impossible.
The subconscious is not logical, it usually appears irrational when questioned by our conscious mind. A bit like a true love. However there are very good 'reasons' for the subconscious to respond in the ways that it does, from its perspective. At some point it would've learnt that it needed to respond in these ways in order to keep us safe. What the conscious mind needs to do is to question that perspective with curiosity, with love and acknowledgment, appreciating it for having kept us safe for so long. Then, convince the subconscious, with evidence, that those perspectives, held in place by limiting beliefs or subconscious vows, are no longer true, they're no longer needed to keep us safe. They're actually not benefiting us any longer. Introduce a new belief - perspective to the subconscious, imagine and feel your life with this new perspective, and commit with the co-operation of the subconscious to keep affirming and living this new belief. At this stage the will is applied in service of both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, not in spite of the subconscious.
Questioning the old beliefs and bringing their truths up to conscious awareness to be dissolved, before installing new ones, has been much more effective, creating faster and more lasting change for me and my clients.
I have an analogy of the conscious mind being the leader of a country, and the subconscious being the people. The latter forming the majority, where the real power lies. For the former's intentions to be implemented, it either has to force the latter to co-operate or convince the latter to co-operate. Forcing the will on the subconscious or the people, is like being a dictator, not bothering to understand why the subconscious or the people do what they do, think the way they think, not bothering to understand their concerns and negotiate the best outcome for all. They inevitably encounter resistance.
Though there seem to be many leading highly successful lives using will power alone, I don't believe it allows for a very intimate experience of oneself or life.
Let's get intimate with our subconscious. Let's acknowledge it, show it love and respect. Let's allow its truth be known, untruths will dissolve in the light of awareness and love. Together we and our subconscious, our Shadow, become more whole, with wider, more positive perspectives, feeling more intimately connected to ourselves and to life.
Lizelle Le Roux, a Transformational Life Coach, is an expert in pinning down the root causes of her clients' subconscious self sabotaging behaviours. She's developed extremely effective processes to release the underlying beliefs, vows and value conflicts which are at the roots of the behaviours.
She's authored the e-book 'Exposing the Forces that Sabotage Us' in which these processes are shared.
Her intense inner and outer life experiences & research while living through her own transformation over the past 10 years, along with her training in Psychotherapy, Holistic Counselling, Energy Healing, EFT and Personal Performance Life Coaching forms the foundation for her work.
Currently coaching via Skype or Phone.
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