Staff Retention Tips: How to Keep Your Best Employees

Staff turnover makes employee retention a key challenge for most organizations today. With that said, the development of effective staff retention strategies should be high on your agenda as a business owner. Read this article to learn effective staff retention tips.

Turnovers, labour turnovers, or staff turnovers are common in thriving economies. It covers personnel moves, including layoffs, firings, and promotions, limited by union representations and employee contracts.

A labour turnover can also refer to "wastage" or the number of employees leaving. As such, an organization that has high labour turnover experiences problems, such as higher costs and lower productivity and morale.

Staff turnover makes employee retention, especially of their best and most productive employees, a key challenge for most organizations today. With that said, the development of effective staff retention strategies should be high on your agenda as a business owner. Here are some recommendations to aid you in this task:

Choose the Right People

Hire the right people in the first place using behaviour-based testing and competency screening. The right person, in the right seat, on the right position is the best starting point.

Offer the Best Benefits

Offer the most attractive, competitive, and comprehensive benefits package you can offer. Other than the basic components of life insurance, disability insurance, flexible hours, include tuition reimbursements, parking reimbursements, and health clubs.

Provide Sharing Opportunities

Provide opportunities for your employees to share their knowledge, through training sessions, presentations, mentoring programs, and team project assignments.

Provide Career Improvement Opportunities

People like to know that they have room for career improvement. As such, provide opportunities for cross- training and career progression.

Demonstrate Employee Deference

Show respect for your employees at all times. Listen to them, use their ideas, and never ridicule or shame them.

Provide Performance Feedback

Offer your employees performance feedback. Review your employees' most recent performances appraisal or describe your observations about their work. Conduct brief, informal feedback conferences with employees on a regular basis.

Recognize Excellence

Recognize excellent employee performance. Praise employees on performance that exceeds the company's expectations. Give positive reinforcements for employees who demonstrate highly developed skills, proficiency, and good work habit, by linking their pay to their performance.

Recognize Success
Recognize and celebrate employee success. Make their passage as important as goals achieved.

Make Work Enjoyable
People want to enjoy their work. With that said, engage and use the special talents of your employees.

Allow Flexible Office Hours
Enable your employees to balance work and life. Allow flexible starting times, core business hours, and flexible ending times.

Engage Employees
Involve your employees in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the company whenever possible.

Provide Performance Bonuses
Base the upside of bonus potentials on the success of both the employee and the company. Make it limitless within the company parameters.

Staff Adequately
Hire a sufficient number of personnel to reduce overtime for those who do not want it and to prevent employee burnouts.

Celebrate Organization Traditions
Celebrate and nurture organization traditions, like annual Halloween costume parties. Celebrate holiday occasions to build positive employee morale and motivation. High positive morale and motivation contribute to team building and productivity.

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