Weight Loss Tips - The Magic Of Motivation

I am certainly no fan of celebrity or Hollywood diets and I do not believe it is healthy or realistic for people losing weight to compare themselves with movie stars. It is wrong to believe that you should look and weigh (or lose weight as quickly) as your favourite movie star. These people have time, full time personal trainers, dietitians and nannies to help them concentrate fully on losing weight and getting into shape. Even with all the advantages they have, they still have to put the actual work in which takes focus and dedication. One thing these movie stars have in buckets and that we should aspire to have is motivation.
Nutrition, portion control and exercise are all important factors, but mix them together with motivation and you have the recipe for success. Ask yourself why do movie stars go to such lengths to look slim, young and healthy? It is all a result of motivation which can propel people to their goals. Movie stars need to stay young and attractive to land film roles and further (or extend) their careers. They are highly motivated and succeed because they focus on their goal and the reward, not the struggle. When trying to reduce weight, try to focus on why you are doing it and imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal.
People all have their own reasons and incentives for wanting to lose weight and should use these as motivating factors. Here are a couple of examples of reasons which motivate people to lose weight:-
1. If you are unfit, your motivation could be to get fitter and feel more healthy.
2. If you have had a baby, your motivation may be to lose weight after pregnancy returning to your original weight and body size.
3. If you are single, your motivation may be to look slimmer and more attractive to the opposite sex.
4. If you have had major health issues such as heart problems, your motivation may be to lose body fat in order to improve your health and prolong your life.
5. If you have children, your motivation to shed the pounds may be to provide a positive example for your children.
6. If you have a physically demanding job, your motivation to lose body fat may be to carry on working at the same level as you get older in order to secure your future.
7. If you drink too much, your motivation to lose weight may be to lose the beer belly (giving you a reason to reduce your alcohol intake.
I urge you to discover your reason to lose weight and use the magic of motivation to realise your goal.
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