The Law of Supply and the 11 Forgotten Laws

By Adrian M. Felton

What is The Law Of Supply and why is it so important to your ultimate success? The underlying premise of The Law Of Supply is that God (or The Universe, if that's what you prefer) is the source of all supply. And because God is the source of all supply, there is no shortage in the Universe. There is a never ending supply for all our needs.The Law Of Supply also goes on to state that when there is a demand for something, the resources needed to create it are available.

There has to be a demand first before we can be aware of the supply. For example, the raw materials to create a motor vehicle has been present in the earth since the dawn of mankind. But it was only once man 's mind broadened to imagine this sort of transport could a demand for it be created. And once the demand was there, man became aware of the raw materials (supply) needed to build the car.

What about the 11 Forgotten Laws program itself? The 11 Forgotten Laws is available for purchase over the phone and internet and is marketed on television commercials as well. The problem with these commercials is that they are misleading in regards to their promise to provide a way for an individual to make more money. The infomercial implies that the program will provide a step-by-step way to making money, but it does not. It provides ideas on making money but does not actually give a roadmap to follow. In my opinion, it falls short of its implied message. The program may do a great job of motivating an individual to want to try and make money, but does not give instructions on how to do so.

A few weeks later a man called him and offered him a fabulous price for the farm. He jumped at the opportunity and sold the farm. He moved to Canada and bought another farm.A few weeks later some strange contraptions were set up on the farm. Word spread that the new owners had struck oil. Meanwhile, the farmer continued to work struggle and work hard and he eventually died poor.Raymond Holiwell uses this story to illustrate the point that God supplies us with all that we need. But because we don't know how to tap into this we remain poor. He says "Man will ever be poor as long as he demands of life a meager living and sees in it struggle, toil, hardship and limitation."

The Law of Attraction and How it Works.This law is about trying to live your thoughts. Only when you can imagine the outcome will you be able to finally achieve what you want. Also, it is important that you have to visualize your goals every day, preferably once in the morning and once at night. By thinking about your goals and visualizing them as reality every day, you will naturally be able to take actions that bring you closer and closer to that reality.

Jack Canfield has this to say about the Law of Attraction: "Decide what you want and believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it is possible for you. And then close your eyes everyday for several minutes and visualize having what you already want, then feeling the feeling of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you are grateful for already and really enjoy it. Go into your day and release it to the universe and trust that the universe would figure out how to manifest it".Why Many People Fail to Use the Law of Attraction Successfully.The fact is that very few people who know about this law become successful with it. This is because a person needs to have a good understanding of 11 other less-talked-about laws before the law of attraction can make sense to him or her.

The 11 Forgotten Laws is a 12 part course which plays out as a conversation between Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. As the questions are answered, the audience is given a greater understanding of what these laws are, how they apply in our lives, and how to use them effectively. The central tenet of their teachings revolves around the law of cause and effect.

I can assure you that Mary Morrissey and her programs are not a scam. Testimonials from numerous people can be read on her site and this proves how effective her programs are. Her books and programs are undoubtedly best-sellers.Mary Morrissey's 30 years experience has guided a lot people in reaching new heights of spiritual awareness, abundance, and success.

As with all self development courses, The 11 Forgotten Laws are only as useful as you make them. Many courses give a pie in the sky promise of immediate results and instant success, but Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey tell us right off the bat that that the course will take your full commitment. This is commendable, as many teachers will give false hopes up front to secure their readership. As with all self development courses; The 11 Forgotten Laws won't change your life with a simple "once-over." It requires a full commitment. After all, a life changing experience can't come from a marginal effort.

At the time I first heard this series I had already devoured just about every course on the law of attraction available; from scientific journals proving its existence, to books that shared how people's lives have changed by using it. Despite my deep understanding and interest in the law, this course still gave me plenty of great material to further accelerate my abilities. I had several "AH HA!" moments, and concepts I didn't quite understand before finally clicked into place. This course really does provide the missing elements to the law of attraction, and without doubt, it has helped me to become more powerful with my intentions. Most importantly however, it has helped me to be a much happier, positive, and purpose driven person.

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