Development Of East African Social Network

By Kathryn Neal

Social networking has become the order of the day in this twenty first century. This is due to the need to foster the represented areas and put the entire region on the world map. An emerging case of such platform is the East African Social Network. This is a platform where citizens of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda meet and exchange ideas for their own benefit as a block.

Joining this site is a very simple process. One needs to browse on their site and fill in whatever information that is needed on the registration form. These includes contact information, password selection and other information which are your public display name, relationship status, current location in terms of city, state or province, complete date of birth and other security confirmation to determine your humanity; that is to say, the person signing in is not a robot but a human being.

After that, the account will be created. A confirmation mail is sent to the email address which you would have given in the contact details. You will be required to log into your email account and click on the sent link so as to confirm the account you have just created. Once that is done, one will be good to go and enjoy the available services.

With this account, one is entitled to meet friends online, add photos, share ideas, interact and even date for a serious relationship leading to marriage. There are also groups one can join for fun depending highly on where you are coming from. This is the best way of bringing different people from different backgrounds and culture together for interaction purposes.

The gains of this site are being felt with many individuals who are already members. This can be attributed to the connection of this region with an undersea optical cable that provides fastest and reliable internet services. In this instance, information distribution to all those who are interested is at a click of a button. The results can be seen in the stability being enjoyed in this entire area.

With the liberalization of the borders and expansion of markets, many producers have taken the step to use this media in advertising for their goods and services. This site has therefore turned out to be one of the most reliable means of products and services promotions to citizens of different nations. In the long run, there is stability in growth in the five different economies.

In recent times, a few aspects have been noted to be pulling down this development. First of all, the site is popular in cities. Very few people in remote rural areas have information concerning this development. Even if they knew, some lack ways of accessing it since they have no computers or internet supported mobile phones.

The final thing hindering the expansion of East African Social Network is language barrier. People in this area are not conversant with single language as a means of communication. We have Swahili, English and the rest. This challenge makes it difficult for communication to be freely without the need for an interpreter. Harmonization and marketing are the viable solutions to iron out these aspects.

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