Motivation - A Life Tool That Keeps on Giving!

What is motivation? Why does it matter? The answer is as vast as there are people. Why? Because motivation is a personal thing. It's what excites us, what helps us to want to move in some direction. For instance, changing jobs. Why would anyone want to go through the hassle and time do such a thing? Many reasons. Maybe the old job is no longer fulfilling something inside, in the gut. Maybe when we rise in the morning and prepare to head out to the existing job, we feel that we are in some same-old routine and we don't see much of a future anymore. We may have, once. And we even remember that feeling. And perhaps, we just want that feeling again. -- That feeling of learning, of seeing where it can all go, of newness and challenge.
What does motivation feel like? Excitement. Anticipation. It's that force that charges you and propels you to move. So if you decided, yes, you want to change occupations and you feel drawn to career X, the time you take to research it and get the qualifications and take the courses and do the work to get the all comes from motivation.
Have you ever experienced that? Maybe it wasn't a job though instead, a skill you wanted to learn or a place you wanted to visit. Say you wanted to go to another country. And you researched it, learned about it, saved your money and one day bought a ticket. Then you are on the plane. Then you are on the ground in this country and you are staring at the buildings and the people. The buzz in your belly is nothing short of awesome!
Motivation is also that force that keeps you moving even beyond blocks that drop in your path. How many times have you moved in a direction only to have this happen or that. And you think, "Oh, this must not be what I really want." And then, you think you decided to give up but you feel that tug again. Next thing you know, you are back on track with new skills. Whatever the block was, you overcame it. When you look back on that and consider how you had to learn something you never thought you could do or try something you weren't sure you would ever try and it works toward accomplishing your goal...the excitement just keeps on building!
Add other points like things or people coming into your life at the right time to keep you on goal. Personal growth opportunities. Options. And confidence. All of these are found in the toolbox that is motivation; one of life's tools that help to keep life interesting!
E.J. Frank is an non-traditional working woman! and has worked in non-traditional fields for over 22 years. E.J. is an author, speaker, and trainer on topics including succeeding in non-traditional fields, communication in the workplace and other similar topics. Find a variety of additional articles, links, and resources at