How To Be a Budget Romantic?


If you're in a relationship, creating romance and keeping it alive are all-important. Relationships can quickly change, so that one day you're hot and heavy and the next, things are a bit... dull. Mellowing into a routine is inevitable, but it doesn't have to mean the end of romance.
Being romantic can get expensive if you go about it in the "traditional way": fancy dinners, lavish vacations and expensive gifts can add up quickly. While all of these things are lovely, they're not absolutely necessary to romantic relationships. You don't have to spend a lot to make love happen. By paying attention, communicating and being thoughtful in little ways, you can become the world's greatest budget romantic.
The Little Things Count
Show her you care in little, thoughtful ways. Try cooking a special meal, giving her a favourite flower or burning a CD with romantic songs for her car. Bring home a sinful dessert. Make her favourite breakfast and bring it to her in bed. Give her a massage after a horrendous day at the office. Offer to take the kiddies out to the park while she has a lie-in. They don't have to cost much, but thoughtful gestures can be priceless.
Communication Matters
Tell her how you feel about her. Be as creative as you like by write a poem or a song. If you're not the creative type, delight her with simple love notes left all over the house, on the chalk board, on her window wiper or sneak it into her pocket or handbag. When you're away, send her an impromptu email or text. Or just sit down over a glass of wine and tell her how much she means to you.
Compliments are Romantic
Find little things about her that you find adorable and tell her about them. There are probably a thousand ways she's special to you, but how often do you say it out loud? Even if she tells you you're being a bit soppy, deep down she'll be thrilled.
Surprise Her
Romance is about making someone feel special, seen, valued and adored. It's romantic to go out of your way to give her something she really wants, even if you don't spend much cash. If she mentioned how much she loves fresh peaches or dark chocolate, bring some home for her one evening. Kiss the back of her neck while she's doing the washing-up. Or, better yet, set her up on the sofa with her favourite TV programme and a cup of tea while you do the washing-up.
Honeymoon at Home
Honeymoons are not limited to lavish getaways and romantic holidays. You can create a honeymoon atmosphere without ever leaving home. Have dinner by a roaring fire and keep the telly turned off. Pour your favourite (inexpensive) wine into the good crystal glasses. You can create a sedative mood with candlelight, music and sensuous foods.
Say it With Words
Romance means appreciation, tenderness, admiration and showing your true feelings. Many couples can get complacent about how important their partner is and feel like they are a function partnership rather than a relationship. To keep a relationship feeling fresh and happy telling your partner everyday that your world starts and ends with them is important and words cost nothing at all.
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