All About Motivation and How It Works

Motivation is an important ingredient in any body's life which helps them move forward with great passion and determination to reach their goal. Motivation helps a person to be stronger and it booms one's confidence and encourages individuals to work maximum to their capability. Psychologists define motivation through the theories like drive theory, the instinct theory and the humanistic theory.
Components of Motivation
Motivation mainly comprises of three major components and these components are activation, persistence and intensity. Motivation aims at making all these three things possible, then only a person can reach the goal.
Activation is the process of initiating something.
Persistence is the process of continuously applying effort with the aim of accomplishing a goal in spite of the hurdles that comes in between.
Intensity: It deals with the concentration or vigor with which an individual has set to accomplish a goal.
Types of Motivation
Motivation can be very broadly divided in to intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation arises from oneself, it can be considered as a self-realization which may arise when you do the difficult tasks successfully. Extrinsic motivation is the kind of motivation that may arise from the outside of the individual. These kinds of motivation may come in the form of rewards, money and even as social recognition.
The Acts of Motivation
Motivation is the spark in you, the real fuel in you or can be considered as an innovative idea in you that helps you to move forward with a great speed in accomplishing your aim. The various methods through which motivation can be acquired are
Read all those articles from any magazines or books that can inspire and motivate you, don't spend time in reading rubbish things, be specific with the books of your choice.
Listening is another way through which you can be motivated. What you need to listen is some motivating speeches or some songs that can motivate you.
Another way to get yourself motivated is to watch movies, videos and animations that have something to deliver for strengthening your confidence and willpower and make you keep moving forward.
Now, you need to dream, as many personalities have said, your dreams are your future. Dream about how you want your life to be, these dreams form a rough sketch of your future on which you need to work for making them a reality.
The Results of Motivation
Getting motivated by various things around may not help you to be a successful person, there are certain things you should do one you get the motivation of accomplishing your dreams. The various things that you need to do are
Write down your aims and dreams in a personal diary or somewhere so that you can read it daily and make yourself realize your goals each and every time so that you make yourself equipped always for accomplishing them.
Writing down your dreams is not enough, you should plan when and how are going to accomplish your dreams.
Evaluate your dreams and find out the genuine ones for which you really need to put your effort and time to make them real. Speak about your dreams to the people who understand you and the ones who can guide you. This can make you feel more confident about your dreams.
You should keep working hard for reaching your aims. Get motivated and motivate others, always be positive in your attitude and stay away from negative things. Keep yourself moving with positive energy.
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