Tips for Developing a Charismatic Personality

Self Empowerment by Learning to Develop Your Charismatic Self
Charisma is a personal powerful weapon that you must learn to equip so that you can greatly enhance the quality of your relationship, career and social life. So what actually is charisma? It is hard to explain in words, but just look at the great people in the world like Gandhi and Oprah who are considered to be highly charismatic. People equipped with such traits are just like a magnet, attracting like minded people. They are able to connect to you and make you feel warm and comfortable being with them. A person with this powerful attribute can achieve great goals because they have the ability to attract correct people and change the situations that lead them to success. Now, you know the importance of being a person with charm, do you want to know how we can develop it? Of course, everyone wants to be one, so let me share with you some tips to develop a Charismatic personality.
1. Be Ready to Make Changes
Of course, firstly you must have the willing heart to change to build this personality, be prepared to put away bad habit and characters that hinder your new personality development. A charismatic person is one with positive energy, accept things with open heart and control their temper well.
2. Active Listening Really Matters
People likes to listen to what they need and not what you have. Be a rabbit with 2 big ears and start learning to listen attentively and actively. It require you to listen with your heart to know their needs and utilizing your body language, like making appropriate eye contact or nod with agreement are important too.
3. Be Honest and True to Yourself and Others
Do not pretend to be good and kind if you are not because you will be labelled as hypocrite when people eventually found out. So what must you do? Be real and genuinely nice to people.
4. Be generous in your Smile
Don't be stingy in your smiles. Smiles with sincerity will definitely portrait you as a more positive and approachable person.
5. Appearance Counts too
People likes to be around with fit and healthy people, so learn to eat healthy and exercise to keep fit. Once you have an awesome outlook, you will also tend to have more self confidence.
6. Be Expressive
You must learn and master the art of talking with your whole body and eyes by adapting the body language techniques and not just using your lips. People tends to pay attention to how you express yourself, instead of the words you use.
7. Learn to Compliment
Another good way is to compliant or praise other on their appearance or things they have done, but be careful not to be too fake. Be attentive to analyze and listen before making any compliment.
You want to know how to develop charismatic personality? Here is the method - You put in the time and effort to understand the above attributes and practice it every day.
Succeed does not come to you, you have to go to it" Using this philosophy, I decided to create this self help website Self Empowerment Secrets to push myself to achieve self empowerment and also to motivate all of my friends out there who are reading and staying with me throughout this empowering journey.
Do join me in this enriching journey and empower yourself to achieve anything you want in life.
Mervyn Goh