Factors That Have an Effect on Your Personality Development

If you have been asking yourself "What is Personal Development?" then you are likely trying to identify ways that you can develop and improve your own self awareness, talents, skills, or other attributes that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. While the origins are rooted in major religions, today's idea of personal development can be a distinctly secular endeavor. This is not to say that some individuals will not find comfort from religion or discover religious practices that promote personal development; but, many modern applications focus on formal and informal activities, methods, programs, tools, and techniques that support your personal growth as an individual across areas of your life, rather than focusing specifically on your spiritual development.

Indeed, personal development is more than just self-help. Through a process of development you may decide or need to focus on improving self-awareness and self knowledge, developing your identity, expanding strengths and talents, building wealth, improving your employability, setting and achieving personal goals, fulfilling dreams, or building social relationships. As you can clearly see, it involves evaluating various aspects of your life and working to improve in areas such as career, education, relationships, health, and happiness. Without question, it is not a cookie-cutter process that applies to each of us equally; instead, your personal development is a highly refined process that would apply specifically to you and your own life. In fact, this is a broad field of self-help and self-development that also sometimes requires developing others. In your program of personal development you may utilize roles of teachers, mentors, counsellors, or other professional services that may provide assessment, training, or coaching.

In addition, this kind of development is a process of personal discovery that relies heavily on research and practice. As the field of personal development has improved itself, there is a growing body of scientific research that provides various methodologies, learning programs, and assessment tools. Not only it is important for the individual, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations. As members of an organization work individually on their own personal development, the organization as a whole subsequently develops. Because our own lives are so intimately connected with others, all our relationships from family and friends to colleagues and supervisors become integral parts of our personal development.

Personal development today is a robust field that relies on a myriad of tools and techniques. Regardless of the methodology you apply, the ultimate goal is to help you achieve fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction from your life as a whole. Your physical, spiritual, and mental health are all important components of your development that will likely be evaluated and modified during your journey of improvement.

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