Succession Planning - The Critical First Step

Succession meaning You've worked hard to build something of value and meaning - an association of prosperous success , an organization that works well - and one day you realize it's time to move on to other activities.
You choose your successor, to train,succession meaning to include them in the position they were in , and make your way . You will discover new challenges and what you left behind continues to thrive under new management.
It seems pretty easy on paper succession meaning, but good planning is full of all kinds of traps :
It's hard to let go of something that puts his heart and soul into.
 The emotional investment is too big to walk.
The vision you have for your business is not complete, and you are not sure that your successor understands how.
What if you can not find something as interesting or attractive as you go ?
What if the replacement fails and everything falls apart ?
These are just some questions that good leaders face as they begin to reduce its role as a leader. Succession planning is successful not just a change of faces at the top .
From the point of view of behavior succession meaning the first step is to help the current leader to define what they want their future role , if any, will be. 
Leave a leadership role should not be abrupt, but may include the retention of the main aspects of the role are providing meaning and significance succession meaning, even while liberates others.
Get a head look critically and honestly what they want their paper rather than simply treating what should the organization is a first important step and often ignored .
It requires the leader to have a critical look at the personal side of his life and can be very difficult for someone who has spent most of his time focusing on the general welfare of the organization.
It is in this reflection , however,succession meaning that the emotional aspects of their emerging role and the main aspects of the changes proposed in the area of ​​responsibility become reality.
Do I want to have a continuous presence?
What I want to present succession meaning?
For how long ?
Are there other things I'd like to continue?
What are they succession meaning?
How does this mesh with my current role in the organization?
Obtaining a leader to answer these questions , they become part of the process .
This allows them to participate in the creation of what the future of the organization is and what the organization will look like without them or at a reduced capacity.
He also asked them to start to think about the problems of replacing the strengths, abilities and gifts that have that need to be replaced, and the type of structure required to do so. 
Many times in this process, the founding leaders find they have covered so much territory that the replacement of their experience and talent with a person that is not possible succession meaning.
Succession meaning
Although there are other important steps for effective planning , which easily become uncomfortable or problematic without this critical first step . Unless the current leader is clear and comfortable with how and what you are in transition succession meaning, have a well thought of the future structure of the organization vision and feel involved and / or process control , planning can create a crisis for the organization.
Lynda Ross - Vega : A partner at Vega Behavioral Consulting, Ltd. , Lynda - Ross is an expert in natural release skills ,succession meaning talents and skills to create an unprecedented success succession meaning. She studied human behavior for over 30 years and is a co -creator of the Theory of Perception Style a revolutionary psychological assessment system that teaches people to discover and claim their deepest potentials for success .
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