Some Facts About Stress - Defining Stress and Anxiety Syndrome

stress facts

Stress facts Accepted definition of stress described as " bodily reactions to the forces of deleterious nature, infections and various abnormal states that tend to disrupt the normal physiological balance (homeostasis ) .
" Clearly , stress is a reaction to a force that gives your external body control. The external force can be physical, such as excessive stress causing fracture of a bone, or it may be psychological , and excessive stress syndrome that causes anxiety stress facts.
Interestingly, physical stresses can cause psychological symptoms such as depression , you may feel as a result of a severe and prolonged physical illness , psychological factors and stress can cause physical symptoms ,stress facts such as feelings of nausea can be obtained as a result of bad news. 
One of the curious facts about stress is that your definition is not as easy to define as one might expect.
Too prolonged psychological stress can lead to an anxiety disorder, which can be characterized as a feeling of apprehension or fear. Sometimes , specific causes of anxiety may indicate , as in a case that causes anxiety stress facts, but often the results of anxiety syndrome of the cumulative effect of a multitude of different stresses , none are particularly harmful in themselves , but when combined they made a lot of mental anguish. 
Another of the most interesting facts about stress, it's like not to be able to identify a specific cause anxiety itself can create anxiety stress facts, which establishes a vicious cycle that perpetuates regardless of presence of external stresses .
Some of the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety syndrome include depression, hair loss , chest pain , difficulty breathing ,stress facts overeating and weight gain , heart disease , high blood pressure , the cholesterol, and a number of diseases of the immune system and system -related stress.
 The effects of excess stress on health are considerable and in some cases require professional medical intervention and medication. That said ,stress facts one of the happiest events on stress and anxiety, is that self-help for anxiety and depression is a possibility for more severe cases .
To avoid negative consequences,stress facts it is imperative that you learn to prevent stress and anxiety in the first place , and learn to manage stresses that you are not able to completely avoid .
There are a number of tips for managing and techniques that can be used to mitigate the negative effects of stress in your life stress.stress facts While no one tip or art can manage all the symptoms , do some research on the Internet to gather more data on stress and its effects, and learn more about the many stress management techniques that are available stress facts.