Herzberg Motivation Theory - How Hygienic is Your Change Management Initiative?

change management theory

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Change management theory Frederick Herbert Hygiene Theory [ also known as two-factor theory ] concludes that certain factors - " motivators " - in the work result in job satisfaction , factors such as work , recognition and responsibility.
However, there are other factors which in turn, lead to dissatisfaction and denomination factors such as the state, working environment , location, job security change management theory, wages and benefits. These things are not motivated and are called "hygiene" because, like hygiene , the presence will not make you healthier factors, but absence can cause health deterioration .
The practical application of the theory of Herbert motivation to change management change management theory
(1) The planning of a change initiative
In the planning stage of a change initiative ,change management theory the theory of hygiene influence stakeholders of the award process and analysis and help shape the communications strategy.
Leaders of change focuses on the effects of these two dimensions of human needs - motivators and dissatisfaction change management theory.
(2) communication skills Leadership
There will be difficult business circumstances and especially where job losses are at stake and where there significant change in business practices are involved change management theory- that neither the types of needs are met very well or not at all .
People are flexible and adapt and accept -change management theory at least for a while - is if you communicate honestly and accurately .
It is my view that the framing or positioning of a situation by the change leader is extremely important -change management theory especially how to approach and present a communication on a difficult situation with many factors such as dissatisfaction Executive Motivators must as soon as possible.
I say this because , in my opinion ,change management theory people are more likely to tolerate difficult situations when they got along well and in such a way that their motivational needs and highest aspirations are addressed .
(3) judgment and cropping
In my opinion , a change in key leadership competencies is how to make " judgment call " on how and when to tell people that the new in terms of the theory of motivation Herzog displease them and discouraged.
And - here's the key to what I feel - have the ability to " airframe " the situation fairly quickly , so people need motivation [ or at least some of them ] are addressed change management theory.