ADHD - Overcoming Low Self Esteem

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Overcoming low self esteem Low self-esteem is one of the main symptoms of ADD, or even the need for a diagnosis of symptoms, but in some ways , may be the only side that is most destructive symptom .
Let's face it with statistics like 80% of all children with ADD disappointing results academically and more than half of most of the older children with the condition have a low tolerance for frustration ,overcoming low self esteem it's easy to see why the lack of self-esteem is so common in children who have this condition . 
Years of failure of low performance and live permanently,overcoming low self esteem no matter how much you try, while being comfortable with social situations are just some of the factors that can lead a person with attention deficit hyperactivity on the path to a dark and shabby place .
Children with self- independent have trouble accepting compliments.overcoming low self esteem Often interpret what others have to say the reviews , even though it may actually be a compliment. The negative outlook evolves with time may be accompanied by mood swings and may be followed by depression.
What to do?
To help your child to overcome low self-esteem may be the single most important gift we can give. Once the child begins to believe in themselves ,overcoming low self esteem to address the challenges to overcome ADD will be much easier . Consider some ways to help your child in this search:
* Let go of perfection is sometimes difficult for the ADD personality to perform a task make perfect little lonely overcoming low self esteem.
This could be considered a baby steps approach and a little further. Do not be concerned with how something is done ,overcoming low self esteem but rather a complement to your child about the fact that the task was completed. You can work in the further refinement .
* Be positive : Please note that you have recognized a problem with self-esteem and probably means that the result of the failures and negative peer pressure is at work. Since no one believes in them , must ,overcoming low self esteem otherwise you will feel ostracizes. 
So stay positive and he / she know that you believe in them overcoming low self esteem, even when they are not involved in a particular task .
* A sympathetic shoulder to mourn :overcoming low self esteem Tell your child that you understand how to challenge his / her situation and that you are there for them when times are tough .
* What is your child do well? - Are you playing an instrument , sports, cheerleaders , or identifying butterflies or insects ? We all have different passions ,overcoming low self esteem strange and some not so strange. 
But as children and adults, and finally , these passions may have helped you find your way . If you can find your child 's passion , then encourage her , and give them the tools they need to excel . If low self-esteem is performed may become a thing of the past overcoming low self .