How to Kill a Fallout 3 Behemoth in One Shot

Fallout 3 take it back Gambling addiction is a terrible thing, and unfortunately Bethesda Softwoods has played into the hands of the addict make Fallout 3, the latest game in the world as a full role and there is no shortage of housing unmarked side quests to take powerful weapons to discover and places to explore.
It is possible to complete all the missions marked the game without unlocking half of fresh content available , and books could be written on all missions,fallout 3 take it back enemies and strange places that you can look after completing the main quest .
But by far the best thing to do in Fallout 3 is killing a Super Mutant Behemoth in one take . A terrible , throw radioactive fallout 3 take it back, explosive .
 To do this, you will need the Experimental MIR fallout 3 take it back, which is the most powerful weapons in the many unique Thrust
There are about 40 unique weapons , but many of them are very busy for Naps , and can only be acquired through lawful means , such as theft or murder.
 Many more can be found through diligent exploration,fallout 3 take it back cunning bad direction or side quests scene.
For example, the Terrible Shotgun, handy for close encounters ,fallout 3 take it back belongs to Jack smile, friendly dealer Raider Evergreen Mills Bazaar. The only way you will get this hand is violence or theft.
If Big Guns are more your thing, you have no excuse not to hunt for revenge , only Gaiting laser . 
This amazing piece of machinery can be found there on the floor inside the sanctuary Talon , an outstanding location in the northwest quadrant of the map.fallout 3 take it back The caves are filled with Dewclaws , it will be against a tough fight , but it's worth the risk of large most powerful weapon in the Thrust
But even with a vengeance Behemoth will take some time to complete. For the solution at a time, you will need experimental MIR launcher ,fallout 3 take it back a single version of the great man throwing up eight mini- nukes in one take . Best used remotely.
It is located behind a locked in the National Guard Depot on the eastern edge of the door card door. The lock requires a special code ,fallout 3 take it back unfortunately, and can not be picked or hacked, then you will find their way in the hard way.
This involves finding five of the Keller family transcripts , records data for the different members of the family before the war prisoners .
His father , can learn by listening to cassettes fallout 3 take it back, in the code for the door to a secret bunker, and each contains a transcript of the same figures . Find the five ribbons and the garage door opens to your order.
Transcripts can be looted in these places: in one of the buildings of the central complex VAIL -58 in the Church of Hallowed Moors Cemetery , back into the Diner creepy, a tent north of Anchorage in the memory, and a cabin on a hill west of Racketeer Last gases fallout 3 take it back.
Once you have the five bands , head of the National Guard Depot to open the locked door and claim your reward : the most powerful piece of art in the destructive game .
With MIR and at least eight mini- nukes in your inventory, find the location of a Behemoth  fallout 3 take it back, move , aim and loose.
 Super Mutant Behemoth or not, it goes in one take . A glorious thermonuclear shot. Have fun !