Funny thoughts of the day

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Funny thoughts of the day  it possible to get your mind to come up with a new invention , innovation, a concept or an original idea every day for the rest of your life? I'm just not sure it's possible, but I did it myself for five consecutive years , and not a single new idea or an original thought , but two or more .Funny thoughts of the day This is not as difficult as you think , but it takes time to condition your mind to accomplish these things .

Now let's talk about it after the second match ?

Have you ever admired some big announcements to listen to the radio or watch TV? Who are all these creative geniuses funny thoughts of the day  sitting in rooms of all those weird things ? 

A special kind of person to do is required, but there are people coming up with new ideas for cartoons, and branding and marketing concepts , every day of their lives. There are thousands of such people in the United States.

Funny thoughts of the day

Other countries can not believe that Americans are able to do so easily,funny thoughts of the day  but the reality is that all Americans can , most have not tried to condition the mind to do so.

Let me give you some strategies that you can use . It can funny thoughts of the day  also be used to solve problems, not just to find original ideas. This is what I want you to do.

Funny thoughts of the day

Note 5-6 elements that are complex to solve, and then funny thoughts of the day  go for some foot problems. Let your mind wander and see what happens . Some of the ideas that come to be absolutely absurd, and later will think they are absolutely ridiculous, and wonder how the hell you may have thought about these things .

Funny thoughts of the day

 It's the same feeling of waking up from a dream, write something , go back to sleep and in the morning ,funny thoughts of the day look what you 'eve written and think he had to be crazy .

No , you're crazy , you was his creative mind running on the part of his brain that had been deactivated , the creative part of his mind was in control , maybe the other party was held differentiation while the creative side jumped spend for its huge collection of all your comments,funny thoughts of the day experiences , education, memories and thoughts . 

However, everything is good, and I would say that you can train funny thoughts of the day your mind to run left and right thinking strategies while solving problems and brainstorming .

Another strategy is to write 5-6 articles and memorize and study everything you can find funnythoughtsoftheday online these items before going to bed when you are very tired , because that is when your side have greater creative control.

funny thoughts of the day

 One thing I like to do is when I'm driving home from anywhere , I take a point two or three miles from my house and I think when I get home I have the mind of an original idea, and if failure does not I may go home, put some pressure on myself funny thoughts of the day.