boosting self esteem

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Boosting self esteem for many years I made my character sets construction of teaching in a school in Detroit , Michigan.
Director of objective No. 1 for each school year was to promote and foster the self-esteem of students and teachers. Every year , I was surprised to see how to correct bad behavior , does not degrade or embarrass the student. Instead , say things like : "Billy know you're too smart not to understand the instructions" or " I think the most important are the students who listen and follow the rules . "boosting self esteem

The hallways were covered with posters and pictures positive / self- stimulating. Even the bathrooms were saying statements reminding students of their greatness . He also worked hard to ensure that boosting self esteem teachers and office staff Show and optimistic outlook . He said :boosting self esteem "If we can not lead by example , how can we expect our students well . "

Over the last twenty years , I have visited hundreds of schools across the United States, it is my belief that the best students are those who have the opportunity to shine. Instead of pushing down teachers, parents and staff should work together to raise awareness of the dignity and benefits of positive thinking. In an article written by Robert Reasoner of the National Association for the self-esteem that said article: " People with boosting self esteem defensive or generally focus on trying to prove or impress others tend to use others for their own benefit. .boosting self esteem " If you want a school that is free from negative behaviors , we parents , teachers and staff show an optimistic view . This does not mean that we live our lives in a bubble frame or realistic mind when he is hurt feelings or problems . instead , we must show compassion and respect by listening and understanding.boosting self esteem at the time that students learn to be respectful and compassionate to their peers and themselves. I think the key to success is not just saying the words , but rather to live and integrate into the daily routine .
boosting self esteem
Robert Reasoner say that the boosting self esteem " can not be achieved with reminders or claims recite and can not be giving others a real self-esteem only. " I agree , we must lead by example and show our children what it is to be positive. Shows pride behavior and reinforcements and affirmations. Finally see children similar to the same behavior boosting self esteem.

Here are a few ideas to boost boosting self esteem in your home or at school:

1) Lead by example , lead by example, lead by example

2 ) Put up posters that promote and maintain boosting self esteem

3) Ask students to report to the ribbon on their desks with their names and the three things they love.

4) For one of the writing tasks , ask them to write a story about what they like themselves.

5) Every day , we will welcome you with a smile and remind them how valuable they are .

6) speak louder when nice and soft when they misbehave.

7 ) Develop a positive not on your desk or lunchbox.

8) Tell them you are proud of them.

9) looks in the mirror every day and remember how you are.

10) As Robert Frost " make the bed and decide that today is a great day.
Boosting self esteem
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