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When it comes to giving your brain a board to digest the new information, and can improve concentration and memory, a study conducted by researchers at New York University , published in the January 28, 2010 in the journal Neuron finds rest awake, as you would during a coffee break , a walk or meditate , it helps consolidate memory and improves memoryshort break cottages.

Previous work has shown that memory-enhancing processes continue during sleep , but this is the first study to examine what happens during rest periods awake say .

" Drinking coffee after class can actually help you retain the information you just learned " , says researcher Lila Davachi , PhD , assistant professor of psychology at the Center for Neural Science New York University .short break cottages " Your brain wants to tune out other tasks so you can connect what you have learned . "short breaks uk cottages

For this project , 16 adults between 22 and 34 years , were presented pairs of images ( a human face and an object or a human face and a scene ) short break cottages, and said to associate the object with the person in the picture ,short break cottages but they said not tested on this later .short breaks uk cottages

This learning period was followed by a rest period awake ( about 8 minutes) in which subjects were told just to relax and think about what they wanted.short break cottages The functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) is used to measure brain activity before, during and after the test .short breaks uk cottages

The researchers found that the activity between the hippocampus and neocortex - two areas known to be involved in memory and brain processing - increased the subjects were presented with images and during the resting phase and .short break cottages

Subjects who had the greatest increases in activity between the two areas of the brain short break cottages, while you sit and watch the pictures did better on memory tests than those associations were weaker reactions short break cottages.

It seems that more activity in two brain regions , more memory.short break cottages

" Your brain is working for you when you are resting , so rest is important for memory and cognitive function ," says Davachi short break cottages. " It's something we take for granted , especially when today's information technologies continue to work day and night."

And it might take a short break and let the brain relax when studying for an exam or prepare a presentation of the company in a better way to learn and remember ?

Study leader Dr. Davachi said :short break cottages "People tend to think that if we want to remember something, you should do something active , like repeating the equipment and you can do it - . Know it helps , but I suspect that just let your mind wander is be fine. "

For now , the researchers can not say that kind of rest awake is better than another to improve memory . Your best bet would be to sit quietly and do nothing short break cottages, just let assimilate information

The researchers involved in this study hope that their findings will be useful for anyone trying to improve concentration and memory,short break cottages and helps to better understand the science of memory and how it works