How To Be Successful

By Sarah A. Levis

There is immense pressure on us to be successful. Be it that it comes from society, family, friends, or from our own selves. We all want to be successful, we want to reach this distant success. Yet, what is success exactly? Did you ever stop to think what success means to you, because, apparently, it means different things to different people. So make sure you know where it is you are going, just so you get to the right place.

So, if I were you, I'd take the opportunity right now to begin to list the things that would make me a successful person. This will give you a concrete idea of what success is like. The most common areas of ones life to include are finances (be sure to be very specific, saying I want to have a lot of money is not good, a lot of money is very subjective, determine exactly how much money you'd like to have in your bank account or as an income), you could also mention where you want to be living and the kind of house you'd like to own. Your relationship status and familiar goals. What about your health, how would you like your health and lifestyle to be like?

Long term goals when added up, together, get you where you believe is your idea of success. Short term = long term= success. One builds off the other. Your long term goals can be looked at as a gathering or grouping of successful short term goals. For example, if I feel successful by getting married (which I don't), my long term goal would be to meet a woman. How do I do that? Through short term goals. My short term goals would be: work on myself, work on my interactions with women, maybe talk to 5 women a day, go out more often, go on dates, and so on. If I do that time after time, hopefully, I would reach my long term goal and get a girlfriend. Now when that Long term goal is completed, it's time to make another long goal which would be to get past the first year mark. So now you write down small daily goals that get you there. You keep doing this process over and over until you reach what you believe is successful. It's honestly a fail-proof formula if you stick with it.

Now, if you are just starting your way towards success, remember, it is not just about what you have written and it will magically happen, you do need to put in the work and effort to help make your dream a reality. For financial gain, you need to figure out what you intend to give in order to acquire that sum. If you are single, and looking for a relationship, you need to figure out exactly what type of significant other you would like to have. Then go out there and attract that special someone. For health, well, depending on your lifestyle, you adjust your diet accordingly. The diet of a body builder will no doubt be different than the diet of an athlete or a person who's optimizing their 9-5 work.

My father is one of the wisest men I had the pleasure to be around. His famous phrase was "Don't tell me what you're going to do, show me what you've done." He drilled this into my head so much that I wouldn't tell him my short term goals anymore. Instead, I showed him the results of having them. I never told him when I got a job, great grades, or a girlfriend. I only showed him that I got the raise at the job, the degree at school, and the anniversary of the relationship. Everyone talks. It's time to separate yourself from the crowd and start doing. Show people your capabilities. Challenge yourself. That is what life is about.The problem with a lot of younger people is they want things now. I was one of those people trying to find the fastest way to get what I want. Everything takes time. In fact, you should take your time anyway and enjoy the journey. You will grow and learn a lot about yourself if you grind through a long road of obstacles instead of trying cut corners and cheat your way to success. Ask anyone 30+ years old and they will tell you everything from getting over a heartbreak to getting a six digit salary will take some time.

Of course, there are more techniques and tools you can use to make your journey simpler, techniques that pertain to the mind. If you lack focus, have trouble with procrastination, lack motivation or get bored easily, there are solutions for such issues.

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