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favela brazil Rodriguez Rogean built castles in the sand. For eleven years , squatted on a small piece of the coast facing the luxury hotels on the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. This parcel of real estate , which creates fantasies hand with sand and water. Exquisite Palacio capture light and the eyes of tourists strolling along the boulevard . Sometimes ,favela brazil bring some money and photograph their masterpieces. At night favela brazil, a guard watches the kingdom, while Rodriguez returns to the Hill " favela " in which he lives . Mountain on Copacabana beach Pavao . The neighborhood that Rodriguez calls home is a short but a world away from fairy castles . "Flames " are slums. Created by squatters , which are home to many of six million inhabitants of Rio. This is the river that people avoid the tourists are advised to avoid . But these cities within the city are hidden and unique cultures worthy of exploration. With the arrival of the guided tours especially visitors can travel safely in the "favela brazil " to open the eyes of the other view of Rio de Janeiro favela brazil.

Andres LeJerraga picks me up Copacabana Palace, one of the best hotels on the beach of the same name . I join vanload curious tourists for the trip to Rocinha , the most infamous favela in Rio. By placing in the itinerary of my trip to Brazil , I decided I wanted to personally witness poverty had heard so much . The aim of the visit was not gawk or explode, but have a real vision of how people live . I learn that there is actually a name for this type of tourism . It's called " slumming " and is a rapidly growing market to take off in cities like Rio de Janeiro , Mumbai , Nairobi and Johannesburg. Part of my interest , I must admit , after a bit of contempt . I got tired of being told how dangerous Rio was .favela brazil Do not walk on the main streets , leave any valuables in the hotel , attention to drug traffickers ,favela brazil be careful who you talk to , be careful,favela brazil be careful, be careful .

favela brazil The enormous expansion Rocinha can be seen on a hill in the urban periphery of Rio long before we arrived. Andres says that up to 200,000 people live in slums. A Formula One circuit was running around here before Rocinha began to develop in the 1940s . Today, the main street of Rocinha is Cowboy Lane, a busy 1300 with three shops and a bus mall . Stone and brick houses with tin roofs are dangerously packed and stacked one above the other on the hill. They were built by construction workers in the rock. Many rooms have stunning views. On the roof , you can see the dividing line between the rich and the poor living in high-rise buildings on the other side of the road in an area called Sao Conrado .favela brazil Because these colonies were created by squatters , refugees and displaced persons , the infrastructure was an  favela brazilafterthought. Many find water in large blue tanks on their roofs .favela brazil There is a favela brazil chaotic tangle of wires and son cross paths electricity . Samba music played in the streets. Eye height , it seems that business districts Urban graffiti covered densely populated cities , but there are many more things in the "favela brazil" than meets the eye .

favela brazil Settlements of origin, where soldiers of the late 1800s were forced to favela brazil camp on the slopes of the big cities. The flames broke out the seams in the early 1900s that the locals came to the industrialized regions of opportunities. These are the people who have built the high places of favela brazil tourism Ipanema and Leblon. If you live in a big house in Rio to the woman who cares for your child probably lives in a " favela brazil " .favela brazil If you are staying in a hotel on the beach of Copacabana , workers who cleaned the room and take care of maintenance can live in the "favelas " . In recent authorities tried to close the slums , but in the 1990s , the government realized that they were here to stay and provides basic services such as garbage collection , sewage , electricity and water. Now , there are about 750 " favela brazil " of Rio de Janeiro. It is estimated that up to one third of the inhabitants of the city live . Brazil is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world, with 34 % of people living in poverty. For this reason, the population of the " favelas " is growing much faster than the surrounding areas favela brazil.

Many of the " favelas " are well known as havens of drug trafficking and gang warfare . In drug barons are in fact alive and well in the streets of the colonies. Police patrol outside where marijuana and cocaine are bought and sold to the middle class . The experience has taught them not to enter . When the clashes are often extremely violent. The criminal element is protected and isolated from time " favelas " . The police are gunning for the drug lords and have no chance outside the borders . Within traffickers " favela brazil " are safe . The drug lords to maintain order in the favelas and in a strange moral code , prohibited any theft and prostitution. If foreigners do not feel safe in the favelas , do not come to buy drugs. At one point , Andrew told us to put aside our cameras. This does not mean that accidentally took pictures of a drug deal going down.favela brazil He also told us to do comets. Kites may be precursors of favela brazil  the activity of the drug. When a green comet , marijuana has arrived. A white kite says cocaine, a red comet means that the police are closing in.

favela brazil However, to characterize the " favela brazil " simply as places of debauchery is irrelevant . In fact , less than 1 % of favela residents are involved in drug trafficking . Most people living in Rocinha and other " favelas " hardworking blue collar to settle for less than $ 300 per month. The first school of samba was born in Rocinha and most entertaining samba school during carnival comes from " favelas " . The artisans along the street, with its famous colorful paintings of cowboys River views , beer and chips bags a nice touch of embroidery talent found here . For tourists who venture into the "favelas " , this is the first impression.

Critics visits " favelas " favelatour.com and say they are voyeuristic and uncaring. I would say the ability to interact with the inhabitants of the favelas " , " demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit and to be informed by you political, cultural and social context changes . Ignoring poverty will not go away . In our small group , we were able to ask questions Andrew, who lives in a favela called itself Tarejada , see favelas youngsters play and go out and explore. A Vila favela brazil Caonoas ,favela brazil a small favela of about 2,000 people translates to " canoe route " , we get an intimate look at how people live . Walking the streets , you are able to feel cooking omelets , listening to the samba side narrow houses and see mothers and children through the windows and doors. There is no privacy here , but there are generations of family and tradition. We warmly welcome and we are also able to attend the excellent work done by organizations like the Rotary Club of ensuring that children are educated and ensure health care. Before leaving, we have the opportunity to give back to the community by buying crafts.

favela brazil I have seen poverty in other countries and divert do not think that adds to favela brazil our compassion and humanity. See how people live motivates us to action. Visit the "favelas " has allowed me to look beyond the beach and its beautiful people. Seeing the " favela brazil " with my own eyes gave me a much more complete picture of Rio de Janeiro and allay my fears.favela brazil The trip made ​​me appreciate the struggles people face in a city where there is a line in the sand between the haves and the have-nots . The most important thing is that made ​​me want to stop and talk with Rodriguez Rogean the " favela " Pavao on the hillside above the beach of Copacabana and dreams of one day a future for himself and his family that is as beautiful as her sandcastle favela brazil.