claire weekes

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Claire Weekes :
Floating in anxiety

claire weekes was an Australian doctor who became world famous for its ability to help people suffering from anxiety disorders, and their self-help books on the subject .

A central theme of his method was to float in anxiety. Claire Weekes What does this mean? This is how I understand it.

How do you swim?

It's complicated. You must coordinate the movement of your arms, legs and head to propel the water. You also have to breathe without taking large amounts of water. And you have to keep going in claire weekes the right direction , even when the water gets into the eyes .

If you're like most people , it took a lot of practice to learn to swim because there are so many things you have to get there, and many techniques to master.

How do you float ?

You really learn to float. A block of wood can float , so it can make a person . What you might need to learn how it gets in your way , how floating just let it happen .

The block of wood does not make this possible , just floats , provided it is in the water. People will also float if you just put on the water.

But people , unlike wood blocks, it is often difficult to let go and trust your body's natural ability to claire weekes float. His distrust and fear will lead them to " do things " to try to stay afloat.

It does not float , flow! To teach someone to float, you may have to give instructions - Reclining , put your head in the water , place the arms and legs are still - but the most important part of the "technical" float is . .. do nothing, let go and let time pass .

Swim float before

When customers come forward to me for help in the treatment of anxiety, generally expect that I will provide the kind of assistance swimming claire weekes: many specific ways to deal with anxiety, and many techniques to avoid "floating" .

But what they really need is to help the floating type . They must learn to let go, rather than making things happen, or prevent something from happening.claire weekes This is the best way to relieve anxiety.

What did he mean by Claire Weekes "floating" ?

Firstly, it is intended to convey the opposite of fighting. How to regain a sense of calm to go with your feelings of anxiety and panic , rather than oppose it.

Floating described as " masterly inactivity ," and said that it meant :
claire weekes
to stop holding himself tight , trying to control her fear , trying to " do something " while being subjected to constant self-analysis.

It's hard to sell ! Claire Weekes knew, of course , and says:

The average person , the tense struggle, have an innate aversion to ... let go . I vaguely think he would do lose control of the last vestige of his will and his house of cards may fall claire weekes.