A Guide To Astrological Consultation

By Lela Perkins

A belief in astrology is not something that everybody has. Those that do believe in it, however, believe in it fiercely. It consists of a several belief systems about the relationship between earthly events and the astronomical phenomena. Examples of these in the west come in the form of horoscopes. Many seek astrological consultation as it pertains to the proper application of these beliefs.

There are many applications, and each of it need proper observation and study so that the application best suited to cater to a particular need of a person can be identified. This is how many people go about when it comes to hooking up a consultation. It is something of a first step in that process.

Astrologers are the ones that need to be approached for these services. Note that there are several types to take into consideration, especially those that are being offered commercially. Because it is still a business, the pricing may be an issue and it is therefore wise to know a lot about the astrologer before setting anything up.

One such area that needs consulting refer to the analysis of relationships. Because of the immense importance relationships hold to each and every single human life, there is an understandable amount of anxiety and stress involved. Taking a closer look with an astrological point of view can be an interesting route to take.

Making use of the concept of natal astrology, interpersonal relationships are scrutinized through the comparison of birth charts. This is the main way of looking at relationships. Some go as far as suggesting that future events can be foreseen through this method.

Speaking of natal astrology, it is known as the practice of information being determined by studying planet positions at the moment of the birth of a person. It is said that the life course and nature of a person can be made known through this. Another term for it is genethliacal, and it is known to be found in Chinese, Western and even Indian or Jyotish traditions.

Other methods concern birth time rectification, which are used to determine the exact time of birth of someone. This needs to be done when the exact birth time is otherwise unknown to the participant. Note that a birth chart is impossible to calculate without having the information of the exact time the participant was born.

And lastly for now, there is electional astrology. It is utilized in order to determine certain auspicious moments where new starts and undertakings may begin. Think of it as one of the proactive uses that enables someone to actively play a role in the shaping of his destiny. Many people use it to visualize future business trips, marriages, vacations and much more.

That is not all. The surface has only barely been scratch, but it is enough to paint a more or less accurate picture of astrological consultation. One thing to remember is that what may sound like complete and utter nonsense to you is the absolute truth for somebody else, and this is the kind of perspective that makes these things so interesting in its complexity.

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