You Are What You Think You Are

By Hieke Huiskes

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." Helen KellerLife is never a joyride. It is a mixture of bitterness, anger, sweet, and sour feelings. Every day is a new beginning, with new challenges, new hopes, new ideas etc... , all of which can be conquered by being optimistic.

Do you want to set and achieve goals, train your mind, sharpen your mental imagination, transform your self-image, direct your thoughts and develop the mental strength needed to create the path to our dreams. If the answer is yes then the first thing you need to do is to cultivate a positive attitude.

There are several ways to cultivate a positive mindset and some of them are discussed in this article.We should learn how to overcome negative thoughts because irregardless of everything negative things will happen to us and thing that only matters it`s how we handle these situations.

There are thousands of thoughts which bombard our mind almost every day. Everyday We think about our job, career, relationships, education and so on, hence we mess up thinking about too much things at a single time. It is a smart idea to focus on thing at a time. If you really want to get good results the focus on the solution not the problem."Whatever you think, that youll be". If you think yourself weak, weak youll be; if you think yourself strong, strong youll be"

Take a deep breath.Try a calming centered activity like tai chi, yoga, or playing a musical instrument.Cut back on alcohol and smoking.Communicate your needs and be assertive.Reflect on people and things that bring you joy.Have you done something to bring the power of positive thinking into your life? All of us at some point in our lives have spent far too much time dwelling on negative thoughts, unaware that we are often reinforcing fear and worry in our mind, when we really don't need it. Unless we take control, these effects can snowball into a downward spiral creating problems in other areas of our life, not only where the initial worry started. Constantly reliving old negative experiences does not help you focus and move on to an exciting future. Stop thinking too much, stop analysing everything and stop being hard on yourself!

Do You want to Cultivate A Positive Attitude towards Life, No matter How bad the a Situations seems to be? The power of positive thinking is in the emotions it produces. You can think of all the things you want all day, but if your feelings contradict your thoughts, you will never get it! The key to your success in all things, is in controlling your emotions. When you recognize and accept the power and responsibility of your feelings, only then, will you gain the unlimited power of your thoughts. Because only then will your mind be "tuned" into the law of attraction frequency.

The emotions you feel work FOR you exclusively, first and foremost. This applies to ALL feelings you have and send, even for external things such as events and people. If you see someone with something that you desire and feel negative about it with anger, envy, or sadness, then that is the command you are transmitting to the universe! By focusing on the negative, you are asking for the circumstances that will make you feel negativity, exactly as you have asked. Your intentions may be good but you have unknowingly used the power of positive thinking against itself. Reverse your feelings and reverse your life!

Now list one problem in your life but try and find a positive aspect about it, for example if you were unemployed you would have enjoyed spending a little more time with your family. Try and do this with any problems you encounter, so you are focussing on the positive instead of highlighting the negative and making it even bigger! You will find this will also help you with finding solutions to those problems.

Remember happy or exciting memories from the past and visualise how you felt at that moment. Close your eyes and relish in those thoughts, awakening your senses to what you were thinking, seeing, touching or smelling - reliving the memory. Avoid letting your mind wander into any sad or negative memories by quickly replacing them with good and positive thoughts. Forget past mistakes, you cannot change them, you can only learn from them.

We have talked about the past and the present, now let's talk about creating a positive future. Make a to do list, write about the small things you need to do and also the big things that you eventually want to get done. Give yourself timescales but make them realistic so you are not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Tick them off one by one when they are completed and then be proud of yourself for getting them done.Look after your health, keep your home environment clean and tidy, do your job to the best of your ability and be kind and grateful to others. Consider anything that no longer makes you happy and make the positive steps to changing it. Psychic guidance can help you focus and create your future, showing you the steps that you need to take to building a happy life for yourself and those around you.Positive thinking is like a plant, the more you feed it, the more it flourishes. Negative thinking is exactly the same, only far less enjoyable... So act now.

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