Wedding Symbolism What It Means To You

By Hedrick Lepsch

Wedding traditions have purpose. Tradition is often full of symbolic activities that only have meaning to those that are aware that meaning is attached.

Each culture weddings are performed in has their own special traditions to uphold. Not every culture thinks that the couple should be respected and honored like you do in this place and time.

They are not doomed to an unhappy life together. They simply find other symbols to mean the same things in their lives.

For example, the wedding ring traditionally symbolizes an eternal love. Since the band has no end, it is a reminder to the wearer that their love can last eternally, so work to keep it happy.

It's not the only answer though. Many stories purport the origin to different things. One in particular dates the tradition back to prehistoric times.

As the tradition became the thing to do, the raucous would sometimes turn into vandalism. Not only would the couple have a difficult evening to deal with, but they were sometimes left with a mess to clean up as well.

In another example, the wedding veil is traditionally lifted by the man, as a symbol of taking her into his home. In days gone by, that act alone also symbolized the male dominance of the wife.

Imagine being under a constant barrage of random items from the moment you open the chapel door to until the moment you leave. It would become quite the nuisance.

She might even resent her husband should he tried to do it himself in favor of tradition-even if he meant nothing in the way of domination in his actions.

Neither party is "wrong" per se, but there can definitely be strife and misunderstanding in the events that follow.

If perfectly symbolized on the ring, it might be made into a perfectly cylindrical band with an extra piece curving away from the circle. This would symbolize that love started, but is now in a continual loop.

A concoction of the smelliest, grossest items is mixed together to cover the bride with the day before her wedding. The concoction is made up of eggs, vegetables, dairy, feathers, fish, and sausages and is dumped on her.

The day is too exhausting otherwise. They say goodnight after the reception and wait for the ceremony the next day. Chapels used to be the only place for a wedding. Now ceremonies are held in yards, fancy halls, and sometimes even rock concerts.

It's embarrassing and stinky, but it's the way they show love. Be glad your friends and family show their love by treating you to dinner and activities the night before.

Their choices have their own sort of symbolism, even if the parents don't quite understand why. The thing to remember is that each tradition of the wedding has meaning if you assign it.

Remember that when you casually throw aside traditions, it can hurt your parents and grandparents because it means something to them. You may have to honor the tradition anyways, or talk to them about it in such a way so as not to hurt their feelings.

It matters more now what it means to you and your spouse than it does what it meant to the cavemen of old. Create your own meaning and purpose with your wedding bands.

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