The Formula On How To Get A Boy To Like You

By Keri Loots

With many women looking for ways on how to get a boy to like you, the competition for the best guys is so tough. But definitely, you cannot be too aggressive with your actions. You have to do the secret moves subtly without your man noticing that you are making so much effort. With the right combination and planning, you can still end up victorious over other women and still get your dream boy to like you.

Before you even try knowing the other person, you should start the journey within. Do you really know the real you? Explore your strengths and weaknesses and be comfortable with them. Each person will have their own share of flaws so do not feel bad when you discover your weakness. Instead, accept them with a positive outlook. Once you have a better understanding of your good and bad side, you can move on to the next step on how to get a boy to like you.

The step on how to get a boy to like you does not end up in looking beautiful. Men will be turned off if they do not find anything interesting about you after your beautiful face. Once you are done with the physical attributes, it is time to work on your inner self. Your charm, happy personality and adventurous side will attract men. Find the unique gifts that you have and cultivate them. They will be your weapon in keeping your man interested in you. Use them to your advantage since they are your edge over other women.

Some girls try to impress guys by doing the "guy things". They do things not because they love it but because they found out that their dream man enjoys doing the activity. If you want to know how to get a boy to like you, do the things that you love. For sure, you will have exemplary performance if you enjoy what you are doing. Your man will even notice that you are great instead of pretending to be an expert of something that you are not.The door to a man's heart can never be opened by pretensions. If you want to get a boy to like you, you simply have to be yourself. After all, you will be happier if he likes you as you are rather than the make-believe image that you created.If you're interested in learning more on get a guy to ask you out visit my website and you will discover that getting your dream guy like you is very easy.

Believe me, he won't.BUT if you constantly see at the back of your head how you two will meet in a captivating and enchanting manner, it will happen.Did you know that your love life can be a frustrating and disappointing experience when you haven't got a clue as to what causes things to happen? But dating, romance, and love can be wonderful experiences when you learn and grow into a woman who naturally deserves and attains the dreams that you desire.

Boys would be boys and girls would be girls, always remember boys and girls are from different planets. As said by John Gray's book "Men are form Mars and Women are from Venus". You might like a boy and would expect him o like to ask you out. That might not happen. To attract the boy you would do any thing as your heart is stuck on him, unfortunately your efforts go to waste.

Leaving you in despair that may be you are not worth him or any such negative emotion. However, the little mistake that you did was that you though like a girl and did what ever YOU though would attract him. However, Adam and Eve don't play that way. You need to have a through process of a boy while you thinking about the strategies around it.

Be mysterious.Just because you like him does not mean that you will open up your whole life story during your first date. If you want to keep him interested in you, do not make all the effort to get close. Let him initiate. Do not volunteer information about yourself. Allow him to do his own research about you. Having little secrets will drive him crazy. This is a proven way on how to get a boy like you, so do not make the mistake of missing it.Beware of other women's mistakes.The last in the list on how to get a boy to like you is to be aware of the mistakes of others. Avoid being too talkative just to portray the idea that you are friendly. You must also avoid some gestures like chewing gum. They will push your guy away. Lastly, do not stalk a guy. This is a sign of desperation and definitely, no man wants to link with a desperate woman.

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