Suggestions For Capturing A Workplace Thief

By Shaun D Kayser

My heart sank the second I went back to my very own desk. The present I bought from Ashley for my 26th birthday, a black iPhone 5, was gone.

Stepping into Jay's cubicle to borrow his pen as soon as my own ran dry could not have taken even half a minute, however that was enough time for another person to grab the mobile phone from my table. Nevertheless, I understood exactly what to do to capture the culprit: tempt him into striking again, however not before getting some fun spy gadgets therefore I could play Agent 007.

I acquired covert video cameras, which are small cameras concealed within everyday objects just like wall clocks or mirrors thus no one can tell they are getting videoed.

My very own air freshener hidden camera is a monitoring camera put into a phony air freshener. I installed this right beside my own workdesk. The wireless video camera means no tangled cords to bother with, plus it is simple to install and also transfer to a different place, if required.

I place a clothes hook hidden color video camera DVR up on the wall of my cubicle. I put my own coat on it. This boasts motion-activated video recording so I can skip many hours of empty video recording in searching for any recorded action.

I've got a color flower pot camera with SD DVR resting on my own worktable. As it comes with its own embedded DVR, there is no need whatsoever to set up an external recording device. Replay is as simple as inserting the SD card into a computer.

I then put some cash over my workdesk before leaving my own cubicle for a few minutes. It took the opportunistic thief only a few seconds to grab the bait. The second he was confronted with the video proof, I got my very own mobile phone as well as cash back, and he was dismissed.

Surveillance device is for recording video proof, but also for fun as well as games. In my situation, it was a bit of the two. I sure loved playing detective with my very own fun spy gear that time.

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