Psychic Phone Readings Are Everywhere

By Maryanne Goff

There are many people who obtain vital information from psychic phone readings. They rely on these clairvoyant people to give them advice about love, happiness and sometimes careers. Unfortunately most of the individuals who apply for these positions do not really have insight about the future and they are just in the business of taking people's money.

Spiritualists will sometimes have very dedicated customers who are willing to keep spending money for this service. These people will take their last dollar and issue it to their account with this company. Human beings are very willing to believe the lies that are told to them as long as they are "positive" lies. A common person from the street can be hired on this job since the identity of the reader is unknown.

The company will usually offer someone a "free" reading on their first visit to this telephone service. Sadly these free readings are only a hoax since there will be a tape recorded voice on the line. This voice will inform an individual about all of the services that the agency does for it's clients.

Some of these companies will only charge a person for the amount of time that they spend on the telephone. People who just want to check the service out may stay on the line for a few minutes or even seconds. Once they hang up the telephone the payment plan will instantly stop. Sometimes someone must have an account with the company in order to get any type of service.

Customers who have money in their accounts may spend hours talking with these clairvoyants. Extra funds may always be added to these accounts once they reach a certain level. A person must be sure to add the money in a timely fashion or else they may lose their connection with the company. People may find themselves without their advisers once the money is finished.

There was a certain female in a small American city who spent most of her time talking to these readers everyday. Her heart had been broken by many men around town and she was determined to find a good fellow. The spiritualists had promised her love and happiness before the end of the year but it never happened. It is no surprise that this woman could never find her "prince charming" through this service. After all these workers were instructed to tell the customer any lies that they wanted to hear.

A group of housewives were really trying their best to bring extra income into their households. Each day they would call up the reader and ask for advice on how to earn money. After a short time these ladies realized that they had spent too much money on this service and they were still not getting ahead financially. All of the calls were a waste of time.

Everyone around the United States is aware of "Miss Cleo" who was the queen of psychic phone readings. This was one woman who pretended to be from the Virgin Islands when she was in fact an American citizen. Miss Cleo gave very important advice about love, relationships and money issues. When all was said and done she turned out to be the biggest fraud associated with this type of business.

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