Overcoming Social Phobia In Minutes

By Gerda J. Worth

It is very important for the human beings to enjoy life in social companies because they can't survive a segregated lifestyle.What to do when this humane and social spirit deviates from amicability to mistrust, pessimism and a sense of fear.Yes, there are among us, people who develop an abnormal fear of the company of other human beings around him. This disorder has been assigned the title of the Social Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia or Social Anxiety. It has been estimated, through surveys, that as much as 13.3% of the general population may have experienced this pathogenic condition one time or the other.

We may have come across several people in our social circle that may be described as being shy or gauche, who find it difficult to interact with others and do not mingle or make friends easily. There may be others, who appear as severely self-conscious, worried about their performance in any field because they constantly wonder how others will judge them. Some may appear as quite a bundle of nerves, often falling victim to symptoms like stuttering, tendency to shake a foot or wring the hands. Not only that, some cannot remove this thought from their minds that they have probably made a bloomer during a social outing and the memory keeps plaguing them for weeks. This constant anxiety further affects their social behaviour. Their thinking process adopts an almost permanent pessimism and they tend to look at anything through the distorting prism of negativity.

Some stressful triggers for all those who suffer from social anxiety disorder:Meeting new people.Being criticized or teased.Speaking in public meetings.Eating/ drinking in public.Attending meetings, parties or some other social settings.Talking with authoritative people.Being the centre of attention.A dispute with close friend or relative.Things that can help in raising your self-esteem: Avoid chocolates, energy drinks, tea, and caffeine as these act as stimulants that may increase anxiety.Do mild exercise, such as taking a short walk, dancing, and jogging.Spend more time with friends.Try doing things you've been putting off. You will feel much confident and better afterwards.Join local voluntary service, because satisfaction that you will get by helping others can be great for your self-esteem.

Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing exercise, muscle relaxation, and medication, as they will help you in controlling various physical symptoms of anxiety. You can easily get muscle relaxation and deep breathing CD's from online stores or local health shops.Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) -This is one of the most successful social anxiety disorder treatments, and has worked well for millions who have suffered from social anxiety disorder (social phobia). This therapy is based on the fact that what you think will eventually affect the way you feel, and your feelings have a direct bearing on your behaviour. Therefore, once you are successful in changing the way you think in certain social settings that provoke anxiety in you, you will feel much relaxed and better.

Left unresolved and untreated, depression can develop and some may turn to alcohol and drugs in order to cope.All too frequently the medical response to social phobia and Social Anxiety Disorder is to simply drug it, often with anti-anxiety medication - particularly favored are drugs from the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor group (SSIRs) such as paroxetine (Paxil or Seroxat).

Medications.Three types of medications used for social anxiety disorder treatment are-benzodiazepines, beta blockers, and antidepressants. However, the best treatment for all those who are suffering with this disorder will depend upon the individual. Some people will be able to do well with self-help techniques, while others may need both self-help techniques and medication.

Social anxiety disorder treatment is wide and varied today and can be easily applies when you fully understand its triggers. Various relaxation techniques along with CBT can give good results over a period of time. If the problem is chronic, medications can be included in the treatment to get faster results, but it's always better if you can use a natural cure.

With modern advanced hypnotherapy techniques we can reach deep within the subconscious mind, to where those feelings are generated, and adjust the faulty beliefs that are keeping the anxiety 'program' running.Once this is accomplished, the symptoms - social anxiety and social phobia - just become extinct because there is nothing there to drive them anymore.If you have been struggling with the really debilitating effects of social phobia or social anxiety disorder, do not give up -- effective help is available.With modern and advanced hypnotherapy techniques, you can be returned to your true nature and be released from that old anxiety and fear for good.

Social anxiety disorder is where the person becomes extremely anxious, sometimes even stressed when exposed to social situations. It leads to excessive and unreasonable fear when interacting on a social level. The person becomes nervous because of the fear of being watched and judged by the other people present. A person suffers from anxiety when though they are perfectly fine when alone or left in a very small group but becomes extremely anxious in a social situation. People suffering from anxiety realize that the fears are irrational but they still can't help nervous and anxious. It's also known as social phobia.

Why Is It Important to Understand the Signs and Triggers of Social Phobia? Understanding social phobia would not be complete or successful if you do not fully understand its signs, symptoms and triggers. If you want to have social anxiety disorder treatment, then it becomes necessary that you can easily pinpoint triggers as well as symptoms. The triggers for a social phobia attack can be any kind of social event where the person will be exposed to other people. Examples of these social events include dating, meeting new acquaintances, speaking in front of a group or a class, making a speech or even eating out at public places. The symptoms can range from physical manifestations like trembling, dryness of throat, profuse sweating to emotional and behavioral manifestations like feeling intensely scared or avoiding such situations at all costs.What is the Best treatment? For many people, the best social anxiety disorder treatment is not medication or expensive therapies. For some, programs that aim to eliminate social phobia are the best especially if the program is made by someone who have successfully battled the disorder as well.

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