Let Me Show You How A Filipino Girl Respect Her Elders?

By Annielyn Summers

In a world that is fast becoming global, cultural traits are also fast becoming extinct. One custom the Filipino girl can be proud of is that they are always, constantly respectful of their elders. It has been so ingrained in their culture and this is also emphasized in family and school life. The biggest and most obvious sign of respecting elders is the tradition of 'mano po' or asking for an elders hand in blessing which is still being observed. Elders would usually say: "Bless Lola (grandmother)/Lolo (grandfather)/ Tito (uncle) / Tita (aunt) . For example, when the Filipino girl gets home, she always must 'bless" the hand of the elders varying from dad, mom, grandmother, grandfather, aunts and uncles. The blessing of the hand is also accompanied by a greeting of "Good evening/afternoon".

This is also expected of younger visitors, such as classmates or friends of the Filipino girl. This is not expected, Nevertheless, if the girl brings a suitor home as this can be seen as being too forward. Even if this is expected, there are also invisible cultural rules. When a person has develop into a close friend of the family, only then is it allowed for a non member of the family to observe this custom.

The typical Filipino family house has all relatives living in one roof or a compound of propertys. So it is sometimes a chore to go around asking for the hand blessings from all the elders in the home when one arrives. Especially during fiestas, birthday gatherings and other celebrations which would entail all rapid and extended members of the family to be existing. picture all the hands you have to "bless"! Failure to do so would entail talk within the family that you were not raised right by your mothers and fathers which would bring your dad and mom good shame. Saving face is another trait that Filipinos have, so in order not to disgrace the family, the rounds of blessings all the elders' hands is a must.

And we have just only talked about greeting the elders. When one has to leave the residence or gathering, one must also give discover. So then again, one must go around letting all the elders know that one is leaving. It is usually said by saying "Mauna na po ako" which means "I'll be heading forward". Again failure to give notice would entail another dialogue that you are ill bred. So, to prevent any social blunders and gain acceptability, this is one custom that should be followed.

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