Learn How Do Filipinos Prepare Catholic Weddings

By Annielyn Summers

Catholic weddings are big events in the Philippines. every person, from the bride and groom, parents of the few, siblings, and best friends to the grandparents, aunts and uncles, colleagues, and family friends, are all excited for the soon-to-be married few.

But how do Filipinos prepare Catholic marriage ceremonies? Planning a Filipino wedding is demanding, especially due to the fact Filipinos have close family ties. Even if the bride and groom want to have a small, intimate ceremony, chances are their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have anything to say about who to invite and who should be included in the entourage. That's why most Filipino weddings have a minimal of 150 guests.

How do Filipinos prepare Catholic marriage ceremonies that are inexpensive yet still elegant and beautiful? If the few is on a budget, it would be wise to make catering, physical place, cake, hair and make-up, couture, and souvenir reservations at a bridal fair. In a year, there are a minimal of four bridal fairs in the country where discounts and special promos are supplied to couples.

Another thing to consider when planning a wedding is if the couple should hire the services of a wedding coordinator. Busy couples who do not want to get stressed out as their big day approaches can do so. Nonetheless, if the couple has limited finances, friends, cousins, and even the few's moms' can assist in organizing the event. These individuals can also help in contacting some of their old co-workers, classmates, and relatives who have, say, their own catering businesses, experience in fashion design, and the like.

In the end, planning for a wedding in the Philippines, even with a 3rd of the guests being merely friends of relatives, will be a cinch since there will be a lot of supporting hands.

How do Filipinos prepare Catholic marriage ceremonies? They plan for it with much excitement and with a lot of love.

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