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By Corinne Daniel

With the advancement in various fields of technology, the needs of physically challenged people are being taken cared of using various forms of machines. For example, people who have challenges that make them unable to use the staircases can apply for installation of stair lifts in their homes. There are a lot of individuals who find the application of both indoor and outdoor stairlifts Santa Monica very useful.

In essence, there are two major types of stair lifts. These include the straight and the curved types. Each one of these lifts has its installation specification depending on how the staircases of a building are shaped. However, the straight types are much easier to fit than the curved ones.

Another type of stair lift is the curved type. This kind of lift is the solution to a building whose staircases has several bends. It has rims which are usually custom made so as to fit specifically into the staircase of a building. This is because every construction has its measurement which makes it unique and different. Hence curves stair lifts are more expensive as compared to the straight ones.

On the other hand, straight lifts are all about the width of a stair case. This means that when one wants to install a straight lift, he or she only has to take the width of his stairs and then go ahead to purchase the appliance. Straight lifts do not involve a lot of designing and are fairly easy to install.

There are cases where individuals require installing stair lifts in their premises but they lack the financial ability to do so. In such a case most people go for the reconditioned appliances available in the market. Reconditioned facilities that are acquired from reputable companies usually come with warranties for both labor and parts. This makes these facilities worthy to install even though they are second hand.

Most old buildings especially the ones made in the twentieth century have staircases which are narrow in size. This property sometimes poses challenges to physically challenged individuals when an increased number of people use the stairs. However there is quite a number of narrow stair lift models which are designed to fit perfectly into such buildings.

Buildings that were constructed a century back, usually pose problems when installing stair lifts. This is because most of these buildings tend to have very narrow staircase designs. However, there are numerous narrow stair lift models which can be folded away when they are not in uses so as to pave way for able bodied people to use the staircases.

Stairlifts Santa Monica are designed for people who have mobility issues. For example, a perch lift is specifically made for people who are unable to bend their knees. This model has chairs which are designed to carry passengers while they are standing thus eliminating the need for such individuals to bend their knees.

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