How To Text A Girl You Like

By Joshua White

When most men text a girl they like, they basically do it wrong. If you have ever been in the position of never hearing from a girl with whom you have exchanged a few texts, you probably committed one or several of the following mistakes:

The key is to create positive drama in your life. Positive Masculine drama is what I like to call the "what is he gonna be up to next" effect when you constantly have things going on in your life (real or perceived) you are creating the positive male energy that women crave.Here are some example text messages I have used in the past:"WOW, I cannot belie" - (use this example if you are stuck on getting a response from a flaky woman, this will always get a response of some sort).

If you already have a presence or personality particularly if you are in college on campus you can use this one a lot more and without discretion, just make sure the things you are texting are cool and sound fun otherwise you will be considered social spam - just made that up.

Another thing that can set you apart from everyone else is conveying fun. If you manage to get her out of the boredom of the day, you will certainly win points. What's more, she'll be anxious to go out with you, because she will know you can make her enjoy herself. Too often, creating a certain emotion in a woman is underrated. But that is how women work: on emotions. So, if you keep that in mind you will have another advantage on all the other (possible) guys.

If you worry about this coming off as too eager, don't worry! As long as your text is casual and playful, you won't have this problem. Just follow the guide lines that I've set out in my other articles.What To Do When A Woman Doesn't Respond To Your Text?This can happen sometime and it's no big deal. Just don't give up.Here a good rule to use when a woman doesn't text you back:If she did text you back, wait a day then text her again. Still no response? Wait two days, then text her back. Still no response? Wait three days, then text her back.

Use this one sparingly as well but one thing you can do is use words like come and get off in a subtle (not sure what he means way) If she mentions it in a sexual way say back to her in a PLAYFUL way that she should really get her mind out of the gutter.The cellular phone is one of the most popular devices these days. With its portable nature, any one can carry it all the time regardless of where they are going. Young kids, students, teens, and professionals usually carry mobile phones everyday. This is an excellent way to stay connected but did you know that you can also use it for generating dates?

You have two options to get the cell phone number - ask her yourself or you ask her friends. The latter can be creepy and unless she has a crush on you, there is a high chance that she might not reply to your test messages or even your calls. It would be a smooth and cool move to ask for her number personally. If she gives you her number, there is hope that she's interested as well. Now, she has a reason to expect for your texts and you will not be intruding her privacy.

When texting girls, you have to keep the message short, witty, and playful; this is to ensure that she's happy and will laughing at your jokes. It is important that you exhibit confidence. It wouldn't be a great idea to ask the girl if she's interested or not. Find ways to extend the conversation by challenging the things she says. For instance, if she tells you that she's a good cook, you can dare her to prove it.

If you want to ask for a date, try to tell her that you're planning to do something and it would a lot of fun if she joins you. You don't have to talk seriously all the time because this can be boring over time; instead, try to have fun even when you're texting. Never linger too long. If you have a lot of fun in changing message over the phone, you can end the night with a good excuse. This will leave her thinking about you all night long. It's up to you whether you will let her send the last message for the night or you can send it. Don't forget to tell her that she'll hear from you soon.

Find out what will work for the girl - a text message or phone call. Old fashioned girls usually prefer men who call them up over the phone rather than receiving a text. Try to observe her and if she's texting most of the time, this can be a great tool to get a date.Making a good first impression is vital. What are the things that interest her? If you got her number by asking it personally, you'll know what to say. You can ask her directly for a date or you can request for her to accompany you on a certain event or activity. On your first text message, don't forget to inform her who you area or where you've met her.

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