How To Keep Him Interested In You

By Amanda Torre

Why is it that a woman who seems to have it all - good looks, a successful career and great friends - can have trouble achieving a good relationship with a man? It doesn't seem to make any sense on the surface. She is kind and considerate; she is available to him whenever he calls and understanding when he has to break a date. She cooks him gourmet meals and buys him little gifts.Unless you are adept at decoding male psychology, it is hard to figure out how such a woman can't seem to hold a man's interest. She seems to do everything right yet her relationships always seem to fail. What is she doing wrong?

Although men tend to marry women who have the qualities mentioned above, they prefer to do the pursuing at the beginning of the relationship. They thrive on "the thrill of the chase," and lose interest if a woman is too available. To give him the illusion of being the one in pursuit, a woman would be wise to play a bit hard to get at first. Here's how:Don't always pick up the phone on the first ring. Let him wonder where you are and what you are doing.Don't be instantly available when he asks you out. Tell him you'll have to check your calendar. And don't accept the date if you have a conflict.If he texts you or calls, let him wait for an hour or so before you respond. Let him know you are a busy, active woman who has better things to do than sit around waiting for him to call.Do wait for him to ask you out. If you do the asking, you will take the excitement out of the chase.Be a little mysterious and a lot of fun.

What does your boyfriend like to do? The chances are the words sports, cars and films are in there somewhere! Get to know a bit about his favourite sports team and learn something about the cars he likes so you can share his passions with him. Maybe go along to occasional events or games with him, and make the effort to sit through those all action movies he loves. However, don't forget that he likes to do most of these things with the boys, so give him the space to do that while you spend some time with the girls.I'm not suggesting you turn into a porn star overnight, but if you're looking for ideas on how to keep him interested, maintaining a varied sex life is one of the most important. Simply initiating sex from time to time, or leading the way with new positions can be enough. If you're usually a lights off in the bedroom kind of girl, surprising him on the sofa can score you points. If you're looking for something a bit more adventurous, dressing up a little, or light hearted dirty talk can really spice up your sex life.

Have there been times in your relationship that you think that the spark is gone or that he's changed? My boyfriend once told me that sometimes he wishes women would truly hear and understand them. I have to agree. Most of them aren't the egotistical, self centered Neanderthals that we sometimes think they are. But at the risk of using a worn out clich, men at times are really misunderstood. Honestly, the times when you think they're losing interest and you doing anything and everything to keep him interested in you most of the time makes the situation worse. So I asked him what should we do? According to him, here are a few tips on how to keep a guy interested in you:

If you're constantly playing a part, and trying to be the person you think your boyfriend wants you to be, he will soon lose interest in you. If you want to know how to keep him interested, the key is to just be yourself and do the things that make you happy. If your boyfriend doesn't love you for who you really are, perhaps you don't want to keep him interested after all.o woman likes it when their man looks at another woman or begins to pull away. This can make them very insecure in their relationship and they want to know how to make sure that they keep his interest in them forever. How does one keep his interest? Its pretty easy actually - just follow these steps.

Fourth, don't be a chatterbox and listen to him. Most men love talking about themselves, so give your man a chance to talk. Listen to him intently and give him your undivided attention. Again, this is a good way to establish communication, as well as encourage him to open up to you and tell you even his problems and fears. Also, it will give you the opportunity to learn more about him.

Another sure fire way to keep him interested in you: Just as they need space so do you. As mentioned earlier, let him miss you. Have a night out with the girls. Go shopping. Resist the urge of wanting to be with him. Now this appeals to the more primitive side of man. They love a challenge. When he sees that you're not as available as you were at the start of the relationship, he slips into the puppy mode and tries to get back your attention. A word of caution: don't overdo it. Someone else might find your lost puppy and bring him home.

Probably one of the more common mistakes (that you don't even realize or won't admit you've been doing) is taking him for granted. Whatever happened to that sexy, hot and interesting woman he fell in love with? Just because you've been together for years doesn't give you the right to put on 20 pounds and go out in jogging pants and an old college sweater. Always try to look good both for yourself and for him.

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