How Does Creative Visualization Work?

By Victoria W. McCurdy

Ever think about why people tell you that if you can think of it, you can make it? It is actually true. Have you ever wondered about people who post pictures of their dream houses, describe their future partners, think of themselves as power executives someday? They have that gift of creative visualization - the method of figuring out what you want; making it come true, not only by doing things to have it but also, making pictures of it by thinking of it and posting images of it on walls.

By definition creative visualization is the art or practice of attempting to affect the outer world of circumstances by changing one's thoughts. However there is much more to it than that. Creative visualization has been practiced for centuries in all cultures and religions. But it owes its initial popularity due to the world of sports. There was a well-known study performed by Russian scientists that compared the mental and physical training ratios of Olympic athletes. It was discovered that the group of Olympic athletes that received 75% mental training with 25% physical training outperformed the other subject groups that received lower ratios of mental training. Now we come to the million dollar question, how do you actually implement this is in your own life?

Here comes the good part. Right now I want you to grab a pen and paper. Identify one area in your life that you want to improve significantly. Take the time to write out specifically what you want to achieve and have in that area of your life. Describe it vividly and with clarity. Read the vivid description of your desired results a few times. Now find somewhere to get really comfortable. A good recliner or couch would work perfectly. Close your outer eyes and tilt your head slightly upward about 20 degrees.

Record the details. Once you have your item, it's time to break it down and define it in detail. Get clear about what you want. If it's a new car, state the brand, the color, the model year, the major upgrades it has such as its leather interior. Specifics are very important here. You want it to feel so real - as though it's already in your possession.

Creative visualization has been long heralded as one of the major keys to the successful application of the Law of Attraction, but many people don't know how to do it well, or even believe that they can do it at all. Moreover, the question that many people would want answered before even making a serious attempt at creative visualization is: does it work at all?

Let's endeavor to answer all of these - albeit in a brief article! I'll leave the issue of doing creative visualization "well" until the end because, of course, that's a subjective judgment. The more important issue at this stage is whether you can do it at all. I've heard so many people say that they cannot visualise. I'm always struck by the slight irony of this, because in order to make such a statement the person has to imagine, (that is picture themselves), not visualizing! However, that is not to make light of the complaint because anyone saying such a thing genuinely feels that to be their truth.

The problem, I believe, is that there is a tendency to feel that there is a "proper" way to do creative visualization -as if there was some test to pass, or that it's a kind of secret known only to a cult type brotherhood. Nothing, I'm delighted to tell you, could be further from the truth!

Believe that you can have that goal someday. You need to believe that you will have that happen someday soon.Of course, you will need to work towards that goal. Having a dream entails you to work hard for it and do everything in order to have it. If it is that dream house you have, save money for it. Everything you do will have to be focused on that dream so as to take the necessary steps to coming closer to reaching it.As you work to have that dream, you will need to stick it out to the end. There will be setbacks and trials that will try to hinder you from achieving your dream but you will need to find ways in order to get to it still regardless of whatever happens.

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