How And Where To Buy Pepper Spray

By David B. Nelson

With the increasing crime rate across the nation, we need to be more alert and prepared for any instance of crime that may come and threaten us. Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (Oleoresin Capsicum), is just one form of safety measure that can be used to defend ourselves against attackers who intend to hurt or harm you. A small container can easily disperse enough chemical to confuse your attacker by causing temporary blindness for 15-30 minutes, long enough for you to escape. Most of these sprays also contain a UV dye that is not visible to the attacker and takes several days to wear of, this can be of value to the police if the individual is caught. Some also have CS in them, this is similar to riot control gas that police use it causes uncontrolled choking and coughing.

So where do you buy pepper spray and other self-defense products? Most department or outdoors stores usually carry a small selection. They will typically have the small 1/2 oz models, normally in a plastic our leather case and large models that are labeled as bear sprays. If you find it in a discount or club store be sure to check the expiration date, most canister are good for 3 to 4 years if they are close you may not be getting much of a deal. local gun dealers carry a wider selection and may be newer, drawback you are going to pay a premium price to them. You can ask friends and relatives if they have purchased sprays you might be surprised how many other people own them or have looked for sprays also.

Most spray pepper canisters feature safety functions to prevent accidental discharge, belt loops for easy carriage and quick deployment, and a serial number for quality-tracking purposes. They are usually available for less than $20 -- not a bad price to pay when you're considering your personal safety and peace of mind.Since self defense sprays are not a controlled substance it's pretty easy to find locally at most hardware stores, or large department stores, as well as online retailers. If you live outside the city limits, they will most likely be available at your local farmer's co-op.

Many online shops are catering to and offering self-defense sprays. These sites give customer a place to leave feedback about the stores reputation and service as well as prices and promos. Individuals that are interested in buying self-defense sprays or other products, should look a few sites, read there reviews, they should not be all positive, if they are the owner is deleting comments and you may want to just move on. After all no one or business is perfect. There is pretty good competition out there between these sites, so you can get some good deals and there merchandise is normally rather fresh due to boom in internet sales.

There are other brands of pepper sprays on the market but Mace has been tried and tested, it is a product that has been around for many years and its effectiveness has built a great reputation and is trusted by law enforcement nationwide and has had an endorsement from the FBI.Due to the effective stopping power of OC spray, it is recommended not to be used for anything other than personal protection. Let me say that one more time, DO NOT use for anything other than for self-protection. It's not a toy, and not designed for use as a pet trainer or harassing your friends or siblings or anyone.

A lot of people I have met and talked to say that buying pepper spray is a daunting task. For some reason people think that obtaining such a spray requires you to go out and get some sort of license. They couldn't be farther from the truth. Pepper spray can be bought almost anywhere such as department stores, hardware stores and local gun shops. Believe me when I tell you its not hard to by the hot stuff.

Besides buying pepper spray at a store, you can buy it from several places online. Why go out and waste gas when you can easily get what you want online.Pepper spray's main ingredient is oleoresin capsicum, which is a chemical that is derived from cayenne peppers. The main thing to remember when you buying your spray is to make sure you get the best stuff out there. You want something with the highest amount of active ingredient. Make sure its a hot one so you don't have to worry about your assailant getting back up. That's the ultimate goal here.

If you have chosen to use Mace Pepper Spray then you have made a wise decision. It will stop a potential attacker in their tracks from a comfortable distance. This small device is affordable, easy to use, and extremely efficient and will take complete control of the attacker and put them at your mercy. Preparation and paying close attention to your surroundings is what it's all about. Keep Mace pepper spray throughout your home, on yourself, and in your car. The criminal mind isn't going to give you a moment to find your weapon and it certainly isn't going to do you any good if you aren't carrying it.

Most grown-ups come out in office clothes, toting unwieldy bags and hefty suitcases, hands tied to cell phones and personal effects, none of which makes us ready to come face to face with an attacker. We do not step out of the house anticipating trouble. Most adults have desk jobs and little to no self-defense skills. With the mace pepper spray, literally, attackers do not get to come face to face with us.

When it comes to purchasing self-defense weapons it is very important that you DO READ the directions and also become very familiar with your new device. It's very important to spend a sometime learning and getting comfortable with your pepper mace. This can make a huge difference in an attack situation. Knowing how and when to use your Mace Pepper Spray is crucial.

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