Focusing On The Details Can Make A Huge Difference On Your Wedding Day

By Robin Levine

There are a lot of small things to see to on your wedding day that can truly make a difference to the result of the event. Focusing on the details will make things run smoothly. The issue is that lots of things can't truly be predicted unless you have actually organized lots of weddings before. Our tips and recommendations will help you get a great idea of exactly what to be careful of.

Everyone likes to rip off a first time bride-to-be

At some point, new brides are just like lambs to the slaughter. They are so emotional about the wedding that everything appears like it will choose the best! Watch out, because business is business! Get yourself a ring binder and keep all your contracts and payments in order. Likewise take photos of everything you decide on with the suppliers. Take pictures of the wedding cake, of the ornamental elements, of the center pieces, of the place settings, of the floral decorations etc. For every single thing that is decided on, you should have a signed contract and pictures. The reason for this is that it is not unusual that suppliers will show you something then show up on the wedding with something completely different simply because it was less expensive for them that way. If you have pictures to show exactly what you have settled on, you can just not pay them what they were due, as they have actually breached the contract.

Have your "contingency plan box" ready

When the day starts, there is simply no way that you will be able to stop time and deal with anything that is not working correctly or occurring properly. Your maid of honor needs to be responsible for your "emergency box" throughout the wedding. Your emergency box should contain a photo camera and possibly, a compact camera. It should contain spare stockings, flat shoes, makeup, hair pins, contact lenses (if you use them), a needle and various color threads, baby pins, water, biscuits, headache tablets, a hair dryer, anti-stain spray and anything else you can come up with. Your maid of honor should likewise be accountable for keeping your hand-bag and cellular phone during the event. You will be grateful for having prepared this stuff when you discover that you have with you "just the thing" that can prevent a potentially disastrous situation.

Have a "contingency strategy person" appropriately drilled

Needing to resolve everybody's troubles on your wedding day can make the day extremely stressful for you. Rather have a chat with somebody and go over anything that might fail, from your wedding favors not getting delivered on time, to the groom ditching! Let everyone know that for any emergencies, your "contingency plan individual" is to be contacted and give his cell phone number to closest friends and family. The contingency strategy individual should not be anyone whose presence is needed throughout the ceremony, so maybe rather not pick the best man, parents or bridesmaids. The reason for this is that they may have to be outdoors making phone calls or dashing off to buy something in case things go awfully awry.

Think about Wedding Insurance

To prevent thinking "I wish I had done it in this manner", there are a few specific points it is good to consider. To start with, you must consider wedding insurance. This will protect you in case of severe weather conditions, no-show suppliers, alcohol related accidents, liability and wedding cancellation deposit losses. If anything goes seriously wrong, wedding insurance is relatively affordable and can save you from financial disaster.

If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your wedding since you know that whatever happens, you have the people and the means ready to fix any little or significant crisis scenario!

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