Bob Proctor - A Self-Help Professional

By Annelise van Den Born

Bob Proctor is the author of the book 'You were Born Rich' which talks about manifesting personal wealth in our lives and how he did it. He is also featured on the movie 'The Secret' that took America by storm. Bob Proctor is committed to showing by example. He tells us in his book how he began his journey very miserable, unhappy and broke. Instead of continuing down this path, his life was touched by Earl Nightingale and from that day forward, Bob Proctor developed himself into the powerful, focused, and actualized person he is today.

Bob Proctor teaches us that wealth creation is about so much more than creating wealth. It is about enriching our lives in every possible way. By taking the time to put his ideas into practice, it is possible to see great change and power occur on a fundamental level. He is one of the many great teachers of 'The Secret' along with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. The teachings they espouse originate from the 'Law of Attraction' which essentially states that 'like unto itself is drawn' or 'like attracts like.' This teaches us that since our thoughts also respond to like energy, we will attract the subject of our thoughts to us if we continue to think the same things and become emotionally invested in those thoughts, then that is what we create.These concepts may not be new as many people are becoming aware of the truths that govern their daily lives. In fact on close inspection we can see how our focus directs our lives. When we decide on a new house and focus on it by holding the mental image in our mind, eventually we begin to take inspired action towards the realization of that vision. The program works by reminding us how to use what we already know to add wealth and beauty to our lives.

He decided to use the thoughts summarized in that book. Firstly, he set a figure he desired to earn, noted it down, focused on it and kept that in a pocket. To achieve this target sum of $25,000, he quit his job, in spite of protests.Soon he started a janitorial service specializing in cleaning workplaces. This grew within a year into a nationwide chain. He had earned much more than his original target. Shortly, he became a millionaire. As he felt that the book had an effect on him, he felt obliged to share his achievements with people. During this period, Bob read numerous self-help books. Proctor made a decision to become a life-coach. In the consequent years, Bob has trained managerial staff at a lot of companies.

Bob Proctor was born in Canada in the year 1935. He was never interested in education when he was on his younger years. He dropped out of high school later on. His career started when he joined the Canadian Navy and served for four years and worked at the fire department later on. It was not a good opportunity for him and had financial problems hunting him frequently. His life started to change when a friend gave him the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. This book changed Bob Proctor's life and made him earn $175,000 in one year then earning millions soon after.

Feeling inspired by the book, Bob Proctor earned his first success when he put up an office cleaning business. His business grew into a nationwide chain in just one year. He went to Chicago to work under his mentor Earl Nightingale, who guided him into deeper knowledge and understanding of the Law of Attraction. After being promoted the position of vice president of sales, he started a company teaching people a better understanding of the countless possibilities of the human potential. Bob Proctor has been traveling locally and abroad to share his learning about human potentials through speaking engagements and seminars. He then created several self-help books and programs to meet the high demands of people about his ideas and methods on the human potential.

The Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws are a set of Universal Laws in the vein of the Law of Attraction. In fact, Bob Proctor was a featured speaker in the movie "The Secret." But not long ago this popular motivational and success author boldly announced that the Law of Attraction as presented in the movie the "The Secret" was "pop culture fluff". In response to his belief that there was more that needed to be known, he is presenting the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws.You may have heard all of that before. But how can you get information and reviews on of the individual laws and what is in the program? Have you been looking for reviews from someone who has used and studied the program? When the book and the movie "The Secret" reached massive popularity, Bob Proctor says that what finally reached the public was a watered down version of the Law of Attraction. Many people were not familiar with some of the original new thought authors such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Ernest Holmes, Emmett Fox, and H. Emilie Cady, or James Allen. If they had been, it's likely they would have reached the same conclusion. Although following three steps to manifest your desires seems attractive, the power of our minds is much more comprehensive than we realize.

Bob Proctor is maybe best known as a speaker and star of the hit movie "The Secret". This book is the culmination of Bob Proctor's more than 40 years of study in the world of personal development and success. Bob Proctor was a high school drop out turned firefighter in Toronto Canada who owed more money than he made in a year. He discovered a book that changed his life and started him on a journey that began in 1961 and continues to this day. That book was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The year that Bob Proctor started to study that book he made over $100,000 dollars and then over $1 million dollars the next year. He wanted to know what caused him to change when no one around him was changing. He wanted to know how and what made him successful and the result of that study is the book "You Were Born Rich"

But before you delve into another book or course you probably want to know more before you decide if this program will work for you.Most of the information out there about this program will give you a list of the 11 Forgotten Laws. But just like the Secret, having a list of the Laws is incomplete. In addition, some of the Laws have names that may be confusing. For instance, the Law of Sacrifice could be called the Law of Self Discipline, and the Law of Increase could also be called the Law of Praise.

How does this apply to your life? What can you learn from the section you just read? Does what you have read cause you to think about other ways or ideas of doing things? Think about the actions suggested by the book and how you can apply them to your life.The premise that we are all born rich as is outlined in the title of the book was initially difficult to believe. After reading the book I believe that the author has fulfilled the promise of the title "You Were Born Rich". We are all born with the ability to become rich and each person will have a different definition of what rich is to them. If you study this book, not just read it but study it, you will discover that you were born rich. I firmly believe that if you follow the guidance in this book you will become rich, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I know that my life has improved in all these areas since I first read this book.

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