Best Ways To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

By Maria Moller

Regardless of whether you broke up with your partner or it was the other way around, a breakup will always be difficult to go through. There is no easy way around it. The truth is, it can take immense effort to get past a breakup. Nobody likes it, but it's a situation that many couples experience - sometimes, even more than once.If you find yourself longing to be back with your ex after a breakup but don't know where to begin, don't lose hope! The Internet holds some of the secrets to winning an ex back as soon as possible, and in this article, you'll find some of them.

In fact at this stage you should do exactly opposite of what you are feeling.Feel like calling your ex girlfriend? Don't.Feel like the worlds coming to an end and all you want to do is stay inside and cry feeling depressed? Don't.Just use these 7 proven methods and you'll have answered your question "what are the best ways to get my ex girlfriend back."Accept It! Your ex girlfriend has broken up with you.Stay in control and tell your ex that you're alright with it. Now the emotional healing process can start, and you'll eliminate a lot of the anxiety and mood swings you would otherwise have.

Remember unless there's someone else involved most break ups are caused by (the Man) "Falling Off Your White Horse." In relationships it is only natural to put our partner up on a white horse or some would think of it as a pedestal. We start relationships usually on the bases of Sexual Attraction then comes characteristics, personalities, emotions and respect. As your partners perception of you strengthens you gradually climb up upon your "White Horse, Knight In Shinning Armor."

The real key to winning her back is to outshine the new guy.Sometimes a little competition is a good thing, because it will make you rise up to the challenge and in this sense, that means that you want to outshine the new guy so that you look better in comparison to him. If you can come across as being a lot more attractive to her than he is, eventually she'll end the relationship and come crawling back to you.

Again without your contact she will begin to ponder on the relationship and it's values. Let her have time to begin to miss your presence. Remember if you can keep from having communication with MY ex girlfriend you should be able to control your anxiety and feelings while letting her realize how important you were to her.This is another reason to stop all contact with your ex. If you haven't taken time to get control of your emotional depressions then your anxiety state takes over and in most cases you want to strike back and play games because you think that makes you feel like you're in control.

After you have determined the reason why you are not with your girlfriend anymore, you need to make changes in your life. There are many possible reasons why a girl would lose interest in you, and one of which is the lack of excitement or attraction. If she left you with another guy, then it is very possible that the other person possesses the excitement that she is looking for.

To become attractive to your ex and to other girls as well, you need to have confidence, determination, initiative, and an interesting personality. It could be possible that you once had these characteristics in you, but you lost it somewhere in the middle of your relationship.

If by some chance you see MY ex girlfriend in one of the social get together with friends stay in control. Be flexible, be a listener and a sympathizer in the group. Your ex will be surprised when they see this side of you and it may inspire them enough to start up the lines of communication with you once again.I said don't have communications with your ex I didn't say Avoid her so if you should meet at a social event or some where else be courteous, polite and respectful. Treat her as you do your other friends never avoiding her but letting her know you are going own with your life with or without her.

Give yourself a month or two going out with friends and enjoy life and taking a hard look at your situation. The effect this strategy will have, is that it will allow you to make changes in your life if need be. And how you now perceive the subject of relationships. It will also give you better ideas on how to want to proceed with getting back with your ex.If MY ex is showing you a little bit of interest, or seems more interested in going out and spending time with you than before, or if you notice signs that your ex is trying to flirt with you, then it's okay to be a little hopeful but you need to avoid jumping the gun. Are you asking yourself "does MY ex want to get back with me"?

If your ex refuses to answer your text messages and calls, the most important thing to do would be to let her be. While this may sound contradictory in the world of learning how to get your ex girlfriend back, it would be important not to run after her at this point. Constantly pestering her and desperately running after her will merely make her run farther away from you. So, instead, be confident in your skin and stay positive that she will eventually see the light and come back to you of her own accord.

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