The Problems You Will Face In As A Long Distance Couple

By Dan White

Before you read this article I would like you to know that this article isn't going to give you reasons why you should not get into a distance relationship. It is true that that moving forward as a long distance couple has worked for many people and can work for you too. You just have to put in the time and effort for a positive outcome, and the rewards can be excellent. In the following I will explain the prime reasons why a distance relationship might not work.

Not Setting Expectations

Some people have no knowledge of what it means to be in a distance relationship. Many see it as an opportunity to be free of their partner's chains for a while, while others think it's a gut wrenching catastrophe. The both of you have to be aware that this may be more demanding than you think. But don't be disheartened. Just like I said above, the results can be excellent.

High Travel Prices

In cases where you're fortunate enough to be in the same state as your long distance lover you might only have to pay for a train or bus ticket to visit with them. But if your partner is overseas, make sure to take into account the airfare that you must pay each time you want to see your companion.

A Lack of Communication

Research has found that most successful distance relationships have regular communication. It has been advised by many relationship counsellors that regular couples should really spend 8 hours alone with their partner every week, and the same is advisable for distance couples. It can become difficult when you both have individual careers and life plans to keep this communication. Also when the early "fairytale-love" feelings have worn off, speaking via a webcam will begin to get fairly boring. That's why you should plan some great long distance date ideas.

Not Having Trust

Trust plays a big part in any relationship, but more so for a distance relationship. Many have a presumption that they can get up to anything they want when their lover isn't there. I advise against this notion. Engaging in trust activities and asking relationship building questions to get to know your significant other better will really help to develop a strong foundation of trust.

A Difference In Views

A couple won't stay together if they both have entirely different views on important factors of life. Prior to getting into the distance relationship you should make time to understand each others views. And keep in mind that it can really save a relationship to transform your views to suit your lovers.

Not Planning Your Future

A lot of long distance relationships fall short because of a substantial lack of planning for your future. Be sure you are clear about where the relationship is headed before you part ways. This will prevent you from having loads of heartache down the road when you discover that you don't desire to be married when they tell you they actually do.

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