The First Edition Book Of Mormon Is Fascinating

By Myrtle Cash

Many people are Latter Day Saints or in a more slang, everyday language are called Mormons. Throughout the world, they worship Jesus Christ as their leader and also look up to a prophet who is located in Utah and oversees the whole church worldwide. Reading the first edition Book of Mormon is unusual. Usually, the latest edition is read.

They read their Scriptures every day usually. This helps them, they feel, get a perspective on things that they would otherwise not get. Guidance is important in life for anyone. Life can get rough and it is important to have a handle on things when the going gets rough. When things are going well, too, it is good to remember how to handle adversity because it could come at any time.

Prayer is also of vital importance along with reading Scriptures. People need to know that they a Higher Power cares about them and knows everything about them. Prayers do get answered even when it feels like they are not answered. Some people are tempted to not keep praying because they feel God did not hear them. It is wise to be diligent despite those feelings.

Spiritual and material things are different. They are in different worlds. Having faith is very important as one learns how to be silent and go within to commune. One's Higher Self communes with God. We cannot always see what a Higher Power is doing since we are not on that plane. Stay persistent with prayer even if it looks like nothing is happening.

Joseph Smith was a prophet who started the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He translated the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price with help from God. Oliver Cowdery was a man who helped him do this. It was a big task and could not be done alone. There were many trials that Smith endured during this time.

Later on, Joseph Smith and Hyrum, his older brother were murdered. It is quite sad how the Mormons were treated the whole duration of their early days. Many were also killed and Joseph Smith had tar put on him and then the mobs put feathers on the tar. This was to humiliate him so he would stop pushing for a cause that they did not understand. They may have also been jealous of him.

It can be quite daunting to think of what must be required to lead something when many people around you do not understand what you are doing so they become bitter and unkind. It takes great courage to be a leader under such circumstances. Other leaders have undergone such treatment. Some have been martyred and others have not.

The First Edition Book of Mormon is interesting to read whether you are a Mormon or not. Evil does not like the presence of good in any religion. It is good for people of all religions to see what other ones are like and to stay open-minded. This book may be inspiring for anyone to read. The church has put together one that is more modern if people prefer that.

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