Knowing The Old Covenant Vs New Covenant

By Michelle Howe

A lot of people these days have been interested in the idea of knowing the bible better. They want to make sure that they know exactly where their faith is headed. They want to have a good idea where they are basing their beliefs on. So, more often than not, comparisons with old covenant vs new covenant is often one topic that will come to mind.

Many people do so to ensure that they will have that enlightenment that they need to keep their faith stronger along the way. It is always essential that you will have a good idea of what you are basing your faith on. Enlightenment is often achieved when you have a good idea of what you are basing your beliefs on. So, getting to know some essential background details is essential.

One of the most noteworthy point with the past covenant is that it is a contract between God and man. To be specific, this is an agreement between a God who is holy and a man who is sinful. There is nothing wrong with the first contract. The problem is that man tends to be unable to keep his end of the bargain. He was unable to keep this part of the agreement. Apparently, death is the price to be paid.

It is a given that man cannot keep up his end of the bargain. He will sin. And he will continue to sin. Because of this, God established plans towards changing the agreement that he used to have with man. There is a need for something better. Considering how people tend to fall short of God's expectations, a better way is needed to spare the people from his wrath.

In the present agreement, the relationship that is highlighted here is no longer between God and man. Rather, it shifts its focus towards the agreement between God and his son. Man will sin. Man will always sin. It is his nature. So, the second pact makes it a point to consider the sinning nature of man into the equation without actually bringing him into it. This is where the sacrifice came.

With this comes the good news. God loves the world so much that he is willing to sacrifice his only son. It is a fact that people are never going to keep their side from sinning. They are always going to commit mistakes and blunders along the way. So, the second pact is specifically drawn to offer salvation to people despite the fact that they have sinned and that they will always sin.

There are several aspects that are considered to be essential for the latest pact that is written in the bible. It matters a lot that you will consider these aspects as best as you can to be sure that you will be able to get a better understanding about what the new agreement actually entails.

Among the most important aspects that should be noted between the old covenant vs new covenant is that in the latter, pardon, relationship, desire, and enlightenment are emphasized. Hence, fresh enlightenment is received in the later agreement. People are encouraged to desire following God's way. There is also pardon, and people who trusts Jesus Christ as a savior can have a relationship with him.

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