Key Features Of Astral Project

By Richard Taylor

Astral project, which may also be known as astral projection or travel, is the interpretation of an out-of-body experience that considers existence of an astral body distinct from the body and capable of traveling outside of it. This terminology refers to this body leaving the physical self in order to travel in a different plane. The concept is based off of worldwide religious beliefs of the afterlife and linked to near-death experiences.

This type of travel is thought to be spontaneous. Many times it is linked with experiences associated with dreams and sleep, surgical operations, sleep paralysis, illness, meditation and drug experience. Some people may attempt to do it out of curiosity or as part of their spiritual practice.

There are people who describe this kind of experience as travelling to other realms, also called planes. However, the majority of people describe it as a sensation that is like being out of body. The OBE takes place in the normal world and includes individual seeing her or him self from outside or even above. There is not a lot of proof to account for these experiences. In fact, only anecdotal evidence is available. During the middle of the twentieth century surveys conducted and reported that up to 50 percent of people have stated having this experience in during their life.

Anthropological and ethnographic literature on the topics of witchcraft and shamanism include this theme. It can also be found in many myths, religious scriptures and classical philosophy. The belief and relevance in this theory will differ by group as well as the location.

Western philosophies have long believed that the astral body acts as an intermediate body of light that links the soul to the physical self. Furthermore, the plane is a middle world of light that exists between Earth and Heaven that is composed of spheres of planets, as well as stars. These spheres are where angels, spirits and demons exist.

There are persons who say that there is text about projection written in the bible. This type of travel is also referenced in Taoism, Inuit groups, the Amazon, ancient Egypt, Islamic Mysticism and Japanese mythology. The various religious groups and cultures have their own set of beliefs regarding projection and how it relates to their folktales, practices and traditions.

Emanuel Swedenborg was a man who wrote about out-of-body experiences in Spiritual Diary during the 1700s. He was one of the first practitioners of his kind. There were numerous publications that came out during the twentieth century on this topic, but only some of the authors were well known: Hereward Carrington, Oliver Fox, Sylvia Muldoon, Robert Monroe, Yram. There are believers and supporters in this travel and there are also non-believers and skeptics. People who do not believe in this possibility may make not of the lack of physical evidence there is to support these claims. In fact, some believe that those who claim to have had OBEs are just crazy.

Astral project, or travel or projection, is used as an explanation to out-of-body experience. It is a a belief embedded in any religions and cultures worldwide. The main idea is that an astral body is capable of separating from the physical self and travel outside of it.

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