Is Acupuncture For Anxiety Attacks Efficient?

By Marvin R. Wilcox

As a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks I have tried almost every form of therapy exclusive of psychotropic drugs to help eliminate my panic attacks. If you suffer from panic disorder then we are both members of a group numbering in the millions, who have faced this health demon and are determined to find a solution.Recently, I tried acupuncture after a panic attack left me feeling out of control while driving to my wife's place of business, on a Los Angeles freeway.

Acupuncture for anxiety involves placing needles in certain body points. These body points or pressure points can be located at specific parts all over a person's body. By accessing them, it allows the blocked energy from the passageways to open up. If these passageways are blocked, other parts of the body may be affected as well that causes stress. Stress on the other hand, attacks the body that causes muscles to tense up, blood pressure to rise and other physical symptoms can arise.

Using acupuncture for anxiety is proven to be working for many. According to research, acupuncture alleviates stress points that relax the body. It also prevents the diseases that may arise caused by anxiety and stress. In addition, it seeks to balance both mental and physical attributes of a person aiding them for an easy-going life.To Your Anxiety Attacks - This aims to treat physical health problems cause by anxiety attacks such as chest pain, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, nausea, and headache.As an anxiety treatment - It heals the imbalances of the heart and the kidney. It aims to harmonize the imbalances in the body and soothe the excessive heat in the heart.Depression Therapy - Acupuncture treats constant exhaustion and lack of energy in a person's body. It targets the heart and the spleen that believed to be the primary source of energy in the body.

Anxiety and depression affect people around the world, and many seek treatment in a variety of forms from speaking with a therapist to prescription medication. Acupuncture has been helpful in addressing depression and anxiety, as it can be a good reliever of stress. It is intended to relax individuals throughout the treatment, which can have a positive effect on many individuals who are suffering from depression or anxiety.Acupuncture has even been used to treat individuals with a pulled muscle or back pain. It's treated those with arthritis, headaches and migraines, whiplash, sciatica, fractures, muscle tears, bruises, etc. Before you seek acupuncture for any injury or emotional disorder such as anxiety, post-partum depression, etc. speak with your doctor. Individuals may enjoy varying degrees of success with acupuncture, but many have reported success with a variety of conditions including infertility.

Chinese Herbs as a Complement to Acupuncture Therapy,The acupuncturist, was also a practitioner of Chinese medicine and gave me a combination of herbal combinations after a few weeks of treatments to help my body regain a natural, healthy physiological balance. If you try this approach, your practitioner of Chinese medicine may be able to recommend some herbs for you based upon your specific case.In conclusion my experiences with acupuncture therapy to reduce anxiety have been extraordinarily successful and I continue to enjoy the cumulative effects of additional acupuncture treatments to this day.If you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks then you may want to explore the natural healing capabilities of these ancient but very powerful therapies to help you end your attacks once and for all.

People who suffer from anxiety conditions can often find it very difficult to deal with and there is little that conventional medicine can do to help. Often the answer is to turn to alternative therapies for help. This article will consider the ways in which acupuncture can help with anxiety conditions.Anxiety is something that everyone experiences at some time during their lives, for example before an exam or public speaking. However for some it is a far more serious condition. Those people who suffer from common anxiety can often feel on edge all of the time which can have a significant impact on their lives. For example they may struggle to do a number of everyday activities and this can cause them to suffer panic attacks. In addition it can affect a person's sleep and their overall health and so it is important to do whatever you can in order to reduce the levels of anxiety felt on a day to day basis.

You have come across people that suffer from anxiety and they inform you that they have done everything to ensure that the disorder is treated. If you know of such a person, you should encourage them to try acupuncture. This form of treatment has been there for quite a long while and it has been used by the ancient Chinese to treat various diseases and conditions, anxiety being one of them. However, most people have a wrong perception about acupuncture as they think it is a painful procedure. This is due to the use of tiny needles that are placed on certain points in the body.

A number of studies have shown that acupuncture is a very effective treatment for anxiety, particularly for those that prescription medications have not worked. In fact it is so effective that a large number of doctors in the United States are incorporating acupuncture into their treatment of anxiety with great effect. It is believed that acupuncture will stimulate the energy in the body to bring about a greater peace of mind and help reduce anxiety levels. There is also a belief that acupuncture can help treat the causes of acupuncture particularly if it is caused by a lack of serotonin. It is believed that the process of acupuncture can help increase the serotonin levels in the body and as a result reduce the amount of anxiety felt.

Third eye point - this is the area between your eyebrows and bridge of your nose. Only a single needle is placed in this point and pressure applied is said to relieve nervousness.The chest is also another acupuncture point for anxiety. When you go for treatment, you will notice that needles will be placed on your chest. The area is said to have energy and can greatly be used in alleviating anxiety symptoms.Lower arm provides another acupuncture point in treating anxiety.Upper abdomen is another important point. Acupuncturists prefer as it is known to relieve anxiety.While undergoing treatment for anxiety using acupuncture, there are certain symptoms one can experience such as anger and agitation among others. You will also feel a rush. Lastly, it is possible to perform an acupuncture procedure on oneself when treating anxiety. The most important thing is to know the various acupuncture points for anxiety as mentioned above as this will go a long way in helping you treat anxiety.

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