how to improve personality development

The interesting question is about the genes or the environment? Hereditary factors are the ability of intelligence and fine motor skills. These are innate in us as we have quantified in the genes of our parents. Environmental factors are those that influence us as we grow and mature through the people around us after birth. These are also the customs, norms, traditions, norms and cultural prejudices that we adapt to our lives and the community that defines who we are as we age. These and the few experiences we have and how to deal with other people, are some of the key factors contributing to our personality development.

Improve social skills is an internal motivation. If you feel there is a need for you to develop and improve the way you interact with others, then there are many resources available to help you do it. Imagine having all the confidence and ability to handle stress and anxiety that can be found in handling difficult social situations, is a very safe practice to learn how to excel in social development and personality.

You can also develop the art of starting an interaction or conversation with someone you know, manage effectively and embarrassment, graciously accepting waste and treat them as constructive criticism. The body language of the other effective reading could also develop. Upon hearing this, you will notice a positive change in the confidence and self esteem. Here are some tips on how you can start using the social development and personality.

The first step in the development of the social self is his own awareness of their ability to interact with others. This gives you a baseline on which to improve to get you started. This awareness awakens your sensitivity on the behavior of others, which will lead to self-change from negative to positive experiences in a given situation.

The second step is the acceptance of responsibility and eliminate the fear of apology. Acceptance of insensitive actions and sentence errors will lead to positive changes accordingly.

The third step is the integration of positive body language, that is extremely important in communicating well. The saying "action speaks louder than words" is very true in the art of communication. His words and actions must match in order not to meet a difficult time socializing with others.

The fourth step is to become a great listening skills. Great listening leads to better social skills. Fight the urge to respond immediately and take the time to listen to what the speaker is saying to avoid criticism or suggestions premature.